Saturday, December 5, 2009

Uncharted Territory


You have now entered uncharted territory and will need to flow by My Spirit to continue through these rough waters. I am your captain and will lead you one step at a time! Look to Me your light house and I will guide you through to the other side! Be encouraged for I am encouraging you to continue on and press in. You did not think I would let you settle for less than I have for you even if it means laying it all down that I might be all in and to you! I am the all sufficient one, your strength in weakness. Look to Me the author and finisher of your faith. Rest in Me! Trust in Me and let Me do all in and through you! I am leading you and you have done well. The mantle you carry is a heavy one and your destiny will only be fulfilled by the power of My Spirit. Flesh cannot complete the task set before you. You do not yet see in full what I have prepared for you! You have not yet seen the power that I will have you flow in and the breaking is still taking place in this season. You have been broken many times for My purposes and been broken again and again. This is yet another breaking of the vessel that the best wine will flow from you. Pure wine, new wine flowing from sanctified lips is what I am asking from all of mine in this hour. You have a high calling and must not settle for less than sitting at the Masters table and being My friend. You are My friend if you do what I have called you to do, so look forward and do not look back. Swim with accuracy to the other side.