Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stop Digging Ditches!

Stop Digging Ditches!
by Apostle Adrienne Williams

People of God, when a leader willfully steps into the place of UNJUSTLY attempting to discredit another leader or their ministry just to make themselves or their ministry "look good", trying to gain "members" for their ministry or for personal gain, they have just taken on the role of a character assassin. They figure if they can "kill" your character, your credibility and "kill" the influence that God has given you then they can gain everything else that God has given to your oversight including His people!

If a leader has to "tear down" another ministry just to build up their own, then they should already know that the foundation that they now build upon is nothing more than quickly sinking sand! It will NEVER be to a leader's advantage to attempt to maliciously OR SUBTLY tear down another leader for their own personal gain. Those type movements only speak VOLUMES in reference to the character and integrity of the person doing the damage. And THAT character is certainly NOT of God.

It is written, "15 He made a pit and dug it out, And has fallen into the ditch which he made." (Psalm 7;15 NKJV). Never be found attempting to dig a ditch for another. I don't believe that those who function as such really realize that they are engaging in SELF SABOTAGE! In other words, if they keep digging the ditch, they WILL fall in their own ditch!

Now (OR EVER) is the time to be found "digging ditches" for others and we certainly SHOULD NOT (as many do) do it in the name of Jesus and in the name of building a ministry or a church. Now is the time to PUT THE SHOVEL DOWN and begin to WORK WITH not AGAINST one another. To slander another person is merely a display of an attempt at self exaltation. And, of course, we all know that he who exalts himself WILL BE humbled!

Grace and peace,
Apostle Adrienne Williams

(NOTE: Before someone goes into the whole "rampage" concerning corrupt leadership, allow me to point out that they KEY word in this is "UNJUSTLY!" Many will overlook that one word. I, by no means, condone any corrupt leadership. Those in error should, indeed, be corrected. HOWEVER, equally so, NOT ALL leadership is to be classified in the SAME category because there are yet many of US who HAVE NOT bowed to Baal! In other words, there are still many of us to have GOD and the best interest of His people at heart. Blessings!)

A Word for the Weary: God Will Finish What He Started! by J. Lee Grady

A Word for the Weary: God Will Finish What He Started!
Wednesday, 30 November 2011
J. Lee Grady  - Fire In My Bones   

The devil is busy trying to abort God’s promises. Hang on and keep believing.
Here’s a trivia question: Which building project took the longest to complete?·

A. The construction of the Pentagon.
B. The carving of Mount Rushmore.
C. The digging of the Panama Canal.
D. The building of the Empire State Building.
E. The carving and assembling of the Statue of Liberty.

The answer is C. It took 31 years to dig the Panama Canal, mainly because that superhuman task was started and stopped several times due to floods, mudslides, unexpected costs (the total bill for the United States was $375 million in 1914) and a horrific death toll (20,000 French workers and 6,000 Americans died on the job site.) The moral of that story: Expect delays when you cut a 50-mile-long canal to connect two oceans.

I’m not attempting to move millions of tons of earth to make room for cargo ships. My ministry assignment is different. But I still feel overwhelmed at times by the task. God calls each of us to join Him in His work, but accomplishing anything spiritual (such as building a church, winning the lost, or influencing culture for Christ) is impossible in human terms. We can’t accomplish anything for God without supernatural faith.

“God does not tell you to begin something and then leave you halfway through it. He is a wise builder and an expert craftsman. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He finishes what He starts.”

God gives us a promise—that’s the easy part. Then He reveals His strategies, works miracles and sends provision. Working with God is exhilarating when these things happen. But faith is also warfare. The devil hurls doubts and obstacles in our direction. There are battles and, sometimes, casualties. These are the times we are tempted to quit.

Zerubbabel and Joshua, the two men commissioned to rebuild Solomon’s temple, struggled with intense discouragement as they looked at the ruins of Jerusalem. The task was overwhelming, the cost was prohibitive, the workers were dismayed and their enemies were fierce. They started the work in earnest, but they heard a familiar voice that whispered: “You’ll never finish this. God is going to abandon you in the middle of this project.”

Fortunately, just when Zerubbabel and Joshua were about to throw in the towel, the prophet Haggai showed up with a refreshing announcement. He told them: “'But now take courage … and work; for I am with you,' declares the Lord” (Hag. 2:4, NASB). The Lord also promised He would see the building project to completion. He said: “The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former … and in this place I will give peace” (v. 9).

Those powerful prophetic promises propelled Zerubbabel and Joshua forward. The words invigorated their weary faith and steeled their determination. Their passion was refueled. They returned to the work, even though it seemed impossible. In the end, God’s glorious house arose from an ash heap.

This is God’s promise to all who are called to labor with Him. He does not tell you to begin something and then leave you halfway through it. God is a wise builder and an expert craftsman. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He finishes what He starts.

The apostle Paul knew this when he wrote: “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6). The Message Bible says it this way: “There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.”

Many of God’s servants today are weary. Budgets have been tight, resistance is strong and trends are negative. The devil is busy trying to abort God’s promises. You may have been tempted even this week to resign from your assignment. But I want to encourage you with the words of Haggai: “Take courage! The Lord is with you!” Regardless of what you lack, the Lord’s mighty presence is all you need to finish the task. Hang on to Him and keep believing.

J. Lee Grady is the former editor of Charisma.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Covenant Relationships by Adrienne Williams

Covenant Relationships

by Adrienne Williams

People of God, this is a NEW season and a season of CHANGE. Do not miss the NEW by making every effort to hold on to the old when GOD has clearly made it known to you that it is time to LET GO! This is specifically in reference to relationships in your life and ministry. This is the time for you to seek out COVENANT relationships for this next phase of your life and ministry.

Just because you have to part ways with one person (or some people), that does not signify that you do not still love them as a brother or sister in Christ. But is DOES mean that there is a greater purpose in and for your life that God may not have predestined them to be a part of. This is the season for AUTHENTIC relationships! NOT the relationships that remain stuck at the surface level! It is written, "3Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own life." (1 Samuel 18:3 AMP).

Surface level mentality says, "I'll be around you or fool with you when I need you, when I feel like it, or when my more important "connections" are not available for me to deal with! But otherwise, I have no time for you!" A person with a "surface level" mentality will, many times, count you as last on their list but always expects to be at the top of YOUR list! So quite naturally, they are not interested in assisting you to accomplish any Kingdom work! These are not the relationships that you want to invest in for this season other than to genuinely pray for God to deliver them from selfishness and assist them as HE leads.

However, covenant relationships are the relationship that should be invested in and built upon, not only in this season, but seasons to come! The grace that God places upon these covenant relationships will produce a momentum and synergy that will cause you to be able to get Kingdom assignments completed in the earth. This is a NEW season! Be very careful to not attempt to enter "a new thing" with EXPIRED relationships!

Grace and peace,
Apostle Adrienne Williams

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why Did Jesus Weep by Yolanda Ballard


From passage John 11:1-44

What do you think the true reason is why Jesus wept when Lazarus died?
Was he displaying a heart of compassion, or was he truly grieved because
His people didn't believe in Him, that they didn't trust in His faithfulness
no matter what the situation was. I always felt He cried because He was
displaying a heart of compassion which causes your heart to well up with
tears, but I never thought that maybe the Lord was displaying the heart of
the Father toward His children that just don't trust Him and don't believe
in His faithfulness, His power, and strength.

When I read over these passages concerning Martha and Mary once again,
I could see a different light on the matter, and I could realize how much it
hurts the Father when we don't trust Him. It actually breaks His heart! We
are His children, and He is our Father, and we are to have the faith of a
child and believe every word our Father would say to us and to look at
Him with such a trust knowing that He would help us no matter what, and
that He is strong enough to lift us up out of any situation, and that
anything that He would allow us to go through would be for our good.

Oh, Lord, forgive our unbelief. Forgive us for grieving Your heart when
we show the amount of lack of trust we have in our hearts. Heal us of
having gone through having earthly fathers who didn't display Your heart
toward us for without the proper nurture and admonition we do not grow
and mature in Your love, nor do we learn how to truly love and trust You.
Our earthly fathers have neglected to show us Your love. We choose to
forgive them, and we submit ourselves to you for that deep healing and
restoration so that we can truly grow and mature in Your love.

So many are so very young in You even thought we've walked with You for
many years. We should be at the point of being strong warriors mature in
Your love when many of us are still crawling like a baby or stumbling
around like a toddler. We need You to lift us up and hold us close and
embrace us with the loving faith that we need to overcome the neglect
and abuse of the past. Abba, Father, we need you! We want more of You.
We truly want to grow and mature in You. We are sorry for hurting your
heart and making You cry. We love you, Father, and we truly repent!

Giving Thanks by Chip Brogden

Giving Thanks
by Chip Brogden

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thess. 5:16-18).

When we stop to reflect upon all that we have in Christ, it is natural and normal to respond with praise and thanks to God. The ones who live in Christ ought to be the most thankful, appreciative, and grateful people in the world - for In Him, and through Him, and because of Him, we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing (Eph. 1:3).

None of us are equal in terms of finances, material possessions, and physical health. Some have more, some have less. But spiritually speaking, all who are in Christ have been blessed equally. There is no real difference in the measure of spiritual blessing, power, or anointing among believers: all share in the same Lord Jesus, "in Whom is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Col. 2:3).

Scripture tells us that in the last days, perilous times will come as "men will become lovers of their own selves... unthankful" (2 Tim. 3:2). Unthankfulness is a symptom of this modern age. People in more prosperous areas of the world are not particularly thankful for their prosperity. Ironically, they have grown accustomed to thinking that the world (or God) owes them even more - a better job, a free or low-cost education, a nicer home, affordable health care, or an even higher standard of living. This entitlement mentality is unhealthy and leads to chronic discontentment and dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, followers of Jesus recognize that we are entitled to nothing. We also recognize that whatever we do have is the result of God's blessing: "What do you have that you did not receive? Now if you did indeed receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it?" (I Cor. 4:7). It is impossible for a person to be thankful and to be prideful at the same time. Thankfulness to God has the built-in benefit of making a person genuinely meek.
Thankful people are people of prayer. They have needs, and so they make their requests known to God. But even when needs appear to be unmet, and requests seem to go unanswered, they nevertheless give thanks "in all circumstances." Whether they have much, or whether they have little, they are still able to "rejoice always." This may sound like something reserved for super-spiritual, special people, but it isn't. It as an attitude of gratitude that can be learned:
"I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phl. 4:11-13).

If Paul can learn it, then we can learn it, because we have the same Christ Who strengthens us. Being content with what we have, and being thankful for what we have already received, is a first step in the right direction.

What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts...

I am your brother,
Chip Brogden

A Word For NZ & The Nations

Ian Johnson -

Over the years I have observed many patches of Native New Zealand bush in decline and yet as soon as it is fenced off to prevent cattle sheep & goats from entering and eating the plants and disturbing the roots, it springs back to life in regeneration.

It is amazing how quickly the forest floor changes given the right set of circumstances. It reminds me of a verse in the book of Job

For there is hope for a tree, If it is cut down, that it will sprout again, And that its tender shoots will not cease.Though its root may grow old in the earth, And its stump may die in the ground,Yet at the scent of water it will bud And bring forth branches like a plant. Job 14:7-9 (NKJV)

It also reminds me of a Bear, who has slept over winter in a dark cave, only in his dreams will he experience the wonders of that which is to come, but as soon as Spring comes he awakes, He is hungry and immediately goes out in search for the fat of the land.

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people;But the Lord will arise over you, Isaiah 60:1-2 (NKJV)

The Hebrew word translated arise is "Qum" (pronounced Ko-om) with the broader meaning of wake up, rouse yourself, arise as from a deep sleep. Not as a bear with a sore head but as one who has been dreaming of the possibilities of heaven invading earth. But like the bear awaken and begin to seek food & water to satisfy the longing in your inner being.

Many are currently aware that it is Spring in the Kingdom, some are still sleeping others haven woken up and are hungry and in search of food.

For some the dry stump of a previous move is beginning to feel the soft warm touch of a spring rain and there is stirring in the depths. When spring comes the whole atmosphere changes, flowers bloom their sweet fragrance fills the crisp clear air, fruit begins to set on the vine and the earth responds to the warmth of the sun. That which was only a dream in the depths of winter is now becoming reality

In recent meetings in Horizon Church Auckland with Jeff Jansen I saw the waring Angel over NZ (Zeal) step into the room, He was responding to the sounds of spring in the worship. To the sounds of the hungry Bear awakening, to the cry of the dry stump in the ground calling for water. The room opened up and I could see all the way up into the realm of God. Here before us was the bowl full of the prayers of the saints. The bowl was full and ripe with promise, the prayers were like a golden liquid of free flowing honey. As the hosts of heaven watched the bowl began to tip and its contents began to fall out and flow toward the earth. The bowl though flowing seemed to never get any emptier. Fragrance filled the room and Angels from the nations came to watch.

The bowl has tipped in response to the sounds of awakening. I began to think about the consequences of every prayer ever prayed being poured out into the earth. I became undone as I meditated on the cry of a grey haired grandmother praying for her off spring and all those to come. I heard the cries for justice and the shouts of praise. The flow of salvation and healing, for rain, fro worship and for glory. All combined with millions of voices forming the sweet flowing golden liquid flowing and never ending.

I realised the Lord was sending fire & rain, wind & lightnings in spring to wake up the sleeping warriors. He is releasing the spirit of regeneration & Zeal over the forest floor of the Kingdom, sending a cloud of golden glory, liquid fire with the sweet smell of heaven. All who placed themselves under its flow where being baptised in fire. A shout went up in the meeting like the sound of a mighty army shouting in the camp of victory.. New Zealand has become a land of awakening, and just as the process of spring is unstoppable so the flow of the bowls in heaven is now unstoppable the whole earth will soon be in the canopy of its atmosphere. New Zealand is the first place in the earth to see the new day but quickly the day spreads around the globe and the awakening marches across its face the season changes. Shouts of victory will rise from the camp of the Lord.

Awake and arouse yourselves, shine like the breakthrough of glory from the face of God. For the light which sustains itself from the heart of God has come. His glory, the glory of self sustaining light as found in the trinity of God. Darkness may be the cover of the earth but his self sustaining light will overcome the darkness and cause you to shine like Him. So it shall be that the cry of many generations will join with the heart of the self sustaining light of God and his Kingdom will be seen heard and felt like the rains of spring in the earth.

Ian Johnson
His Amazing Glory Ministries

ANZAC Israel Tours

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Need for Teachers? (November 22, 2011

Today's Message from Chip Brogden

"The anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you."
1 JOHN 2:27

It was God who gave apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to His Ekklesia, to encourage, edify, and establish all of us deeper into Christ. Can the Holy Spirit in John contradict the Holy Spirit in Paul? By no means.

What then? John was the sole survivor of the first twelve apostles, and now he is very old. Naturally he is concerned with the welfare of the Ekklesia after his death. So God comforts John, and then John comforts us, with this truth: even if we do not have access to the apostle, or prophet, or evangelist, or pastor and teacher, we are still instructed inwardly. The Ekklesia that Jesus is building is not dependent upon the great men or women of God. We are grateful to the ministry gifts when we have them, but we are not dependent upon them for our Life. The Life is greater than the ministers through which it may be ministered.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Guards Are Changing by Apostle Adrienne Williams

The Guards Are Changing
by Apostle Adrienne Williams

The guards are changing! With this "wind" that is presently blowing, you will also begin to see a SHIFT in influence! In other words, those who deemed THEMSELVES as "influential" in the Kingdom of God and those who sat THEMSELVES in "high" places will now experience a rapid demise of the "false" authority that they created. It will become more and more evident in the upcoming months as to exactly who GOD is calling to the front line for this season to pioneer (go where NO MAN has EVER gone before) this next Kingdom assignment in the earth. The winds are blowing!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fear Will Fall by Lana Vawser

Fear Will Fall
14th November, 2011
Lana Vawser
Manasseh Christian Ministries
For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

My precious Church, I love you, I am shaping you and preparing you for great things that I am going to do through you on this earth.

Many of you have begun to feel My Spirit leading you to deeper places of intimacy, you have begun living in realms of deeper revelation, you have begun to receive treasures from My Word that you never imagined. You have begun to see the manifestation of My Glory in your lives like never before.
Many of you have begun to hear Me more clearly and see more specifically what I am doing in your lives and in this earth. I have begun revealing more of My plans to many of you and more of My heart. I have begun taking many of you who have heard My call to a greater level of intimacy and discernment.

I am beginning to birth greater revelations, ministries and intercessory burdens through many of you. There has been a greater release of heavenly revelation upon many of your lives that is taking you to a place of such deep joy, and such deep dependence upon Me, you feel the spiritual atmosphere around you has changed. The air is pregnant with opportunities I am going to release into your lives to minister for Me in areas and ways you have not dreamed of.

Many of you are in this position of great excitement, anticipation and revelation, yet have been feeling assailed by the enemy with fear. The enemy has increased his attacks of fear upon many of My children as they are about to step into the next areas of their destinies in Me.

My people, when you hear My voice, when you receive the confirmation in Me, when you see it in My Word, and see My hand moving you, step out.

Assignments of tormenting fear has been released upon many of you to hinder you from taking these steps. Do not listen to the fear that speaks to you My people, for this is not from Me.

The enemy is releasing smokescreens over many of your lives, to cause your vision to be blurred and your focus to be swayed. The enemy has targeted many of you with this crippling tormenting fear to attempt to prevent you from stepping into the next opportunities I am releasing you into.

My people, take the words I have given you and hold to them. For as you hear Me speak, and see My heart for you, fear will fall to the ground. Fear cannot stand in My love, My love casts out all fear. So continue to check your hearts in My presence My people, make sure the enemy has no areas in your hearts where he can bring these attacks of fear into, to take up residence.

Breakthrough and heavenly outpourings of My revelation and joy are filling many of your lives. Many of you are about to step into positions of greater influence for My namesake, to take My Word and the revelation of My heart that I have placed within you, to the ends of the earth, so do not let the enemy trip you up, at the brink of release.

KNOW My people that you have the victory. KNOW that these assignments of fear released upon you are LIES and the enemy is bringing this against you because I am about to release the opposite into your lives. The enemy is attacking many in areas that I am about to bring release in.

The enemy is attacking many in the fear of death, I am about to bring you greater life to areas of your heart and lives that have felt dead, the enemy is attacking many in the fear of loss, I am about to release abundance to you, the enemy is attacking many in fear of failure and lack of provision, I am about to give you greater responsibility and provide greatly for you as you step out for My namesake.
The enemy is speaking to many through fear of unfulfilled dreams, wrong timing and hopelessness, I am about to released many INTO their dreams, NOW is the time, and with a renewed HOPE and passion that they have been crying out for.

My people, BE ENCOURAGED, for the enemy is attacking through fear in the VERY AREAS I am about to move in.

Families are about to be healed and released into My Kingdom work, singles are about to receive greater revelations of My heart, and plans for their lives, children are about to receive greater heavenly encounters of My heart and My love for them.

Rejoice My people, though the enemy attacks hard with fear, the victory you have is IN ME, and all his smokescreen whispers are falling to the ground as you hear My voice and see the WONDEROUS things I am about to do in your midst.

Laugh in the face of the enemy KNOWING that you are about to be released into opportunities for My Kingdom where you will see a move of My hand and heart that you have not seen before.
You are being released My people, the chains of fear will not hold you down as you seek Me, and obey all I have commanded you, continually allowing My Spirit to search your heart and do My work.
Fear is falling to the ground, release is happening.

~*~*~*~* My book "Desperately Deep - Developing Deep Devotion and Dialogue with Jesus has now been released and is available at ~*~*~*~*

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seven (7) Key Revelatory Nuggets to Meditate and Ponder! by Chuck Pierce


    I believe it's very important that the Body of Christ understand that we are in    a monumental time of shifting.  I believe if we shift spiritually and grab hold    of the keys of revelation that the Spirit of God has for us today, we will be    victorious as we move forward in this season ahead.  Here are seven keys to    advancing:

1.    New Synchronized Moves in a New Administration! Dream!

As the Body of Christ,    we have entered a season of new vision. With new vision comes new    administration.  How will we "add and cooperate" with the ministry of Holy    Spirit in the future?  We are going through many changes here at Glory of Zion    International and with the Global Spheres Center.  I felt before the Lord allowed    us to move us into our new offices there would be changes He wanted to    accomplish.  I had a dream last night.  In the dream, Rose Flieger, the    administrator for our Schools, and I were learning synchronized swimming.  They    were new, complicated moves.  We were in a group of five people and the    instructor was teaching us how to move before we went into our next season of    demonstration.  Rose decided she did not want to learn new moves.  When she did    that, the swimming pool filled with sewage.  What is the Lord saying to      us in this?  Don't refuse what He is trying to teach you, or else the    living water you have been swimming in will become sewage. 

2.    Creating an Environment for Miracles!

I      believe that the Lord is asking us to create an environment for miracles. What      does that mean? Most people get frustrated because they have a difficult      situation, ask God for a miracle, and then do not see what they were asking for      manifested. We are seeing miracles begin to happen. In the past, I have seen      miracles manifest, but I believe that we are going to a new level.  We are    creating an environment for miracles. The Body of Christ must not only take a        turn toward healing, but press in for the release of miracles!  We have        entered into a season where the gift of miracles will be activated in the Body        in a new way.  Ask the Lord, 'What is a miracle?'  We must see a faith        activation!  The Issachar Anointing and miracles work together!  Worship and        praise lead us into miracles!  The Mashach (Anointing for Miracles) is here        today!  The more Glory in a place, the more miracles can be conceived. This is        why no miracles could be activated and seen in Nazareth! We want to break the        Nazareth Syndrome and enter into miracles!

3.    Overcoming Religious and Familiar Spirits!

This is a season to overcome religious and familiar spirits. What are religious spirits and how do they    work?   They are deceptive    forces that have labored to stop the progress of the Church throughout the ages.     Religion should not be a bad thing if we adhere to the literal meaning, which    is to consider "divine" things.  Religion has three meanings in the word    of God:  outward religious service, the feeling of absolute dependence,    and the observance of moral law as a divine institution. James 1: 26 & 27    defines religion  from the Christian point of view: "If anyone among    you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own    heart, this one's religion is useless.  Pure and undefiled religion before    God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and    to keep oneself unspotted from the world."  Religion is linked    with worship. Religion, when pure, is powerful. However, religion is also    defined as an organized system of doctrine with an approved pattern of    behavior.  Behavior has to demonstrate a proper form of worship.     This is where we move from pure and undefiled religion to ritual. Demons of    doctrines take something that should be pure, and develop dark, spiritual    forces, robbing individuals of their freedom to worship a Holy God, leaving    them, instead, with only rules and regulations.
I have always been a creative    thinker and an expressive worshipper. I have been known throughout the Body of    Christ as modern day Prophet that expresses the heart and mind of God.  I    have always had to maneuver past spirits of religion that would resist the gift    of God.  Demons hate revelation from God. They resist those gifts in the    Body that bring revelatory freedom to the members to the Body.  Religion    attempts to stone the revelation of apostles and prophets because this revealed    Word establishes God's foundation in the Church for this age.  I    Corinthians 12:28 sets an order of governmental gifts in the Church for victory    in the world. That order is "first apostles, second prophets."  Religious    spirits defy God's order. 
Religious spirits can also just    deny change! That can make individuals get so routinized, or in a "rut," that    they do not want to shift into today's methods for victory. The carnal mind is    in enmity with God. Therefore, religious spirits attempt to block strategic    thinking for the future. Our mind and process of thought aid the Spirit of God    to produce change in the earth. The Lord's disciples had to have revelation of    who He was, who they were, and who their enemy was. This is still relevant    today. The Pharisees had a choice to either deny the divine nature of God or    realign with the expression of His Son. They either had to keep rules in place    that prevented any behavioral change in worship, or, begin to worship in Spirit    and Truth. Most failed in making the choice that could have changed their    lives, their families, and their society. Therefore, in Matthew 16 we find    Jesus taking the keys from the scribes and Pharisees of that day and giving    them to the future leaders who would defy religion and lead the Church into its    future.

4.    Going Beyond the Footmen!

Anne      Tate came to me this morning and shared the following: "When dressing for work,      I felt the Lord was asking me to wear my running horse necklace.  Jeremiah 12:5      immediately came to mind:  If you have raced with men on foot and        they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if [you take        to flight] in a land of peace where you feel secure, then what will you do        [when you tread the tangled maze of jungle haunted by lions] in the swelling and        flooding of the Jordan? AMP   The Lord is communicating to us that          we are past the place and the time of our enemies being footmen.  Our enemies          are different in this new season and will require new things of us.  In the          last season we contended with enemies that were organized and ordered with a          certain similarity. However, this season our enemies have the ability to give          the illusion of flight and carry the reality of solid weight.  Running horses          look like they are flying.  They occupy a place higher than men.  In this          season we are not contending with forces that we can physically overpower.   It          is a physical impossibility for us, as men, to run with horses or compete with          them in a race.  Just so, it is not possible for us to pick our own path          through tangled situations that threaten to overwhelm us circumstantially and          devour us. In the season we have just entered, to overcome we will have to          learn to gain authority over the wild-things that infest our new territory by          seeing from a new perspective over them and riding everything that can be          captured and submitted for the purposes of God." 

5.    A NEW Big Wave Ahead! Can You Ride the Wave!

There is a new wave of God's Spirit coming. This wave is bigger    than any that we have known. Carol Boren shared the following: "I had a dream    where Bill and I were in a boat and all of a sudden a huge wave, like a wall of    water, rose up. The boat began to go straight up the wave. Bill was holding    tightly to something so he would not fall out of the boat.  He kept    thinking that we would get to the top of this wave and then come slamming    down.  He looked at me and I was just calmly sitting in the seat of the boat    taking it all in and enjoying the thrill and wonder of what was    happening.  Then suddenly we were back in calm water.  He looked at    me and I said, 'You shouldn't have been so freaked out.  I knew this was    the Lord doing this!'"  What God is Saying: Many will be frightened    by the swell of the Spirit of God that is coming. However, the    Lord says, 'Stay in the Boat and Ride the Next Wave of My Spirit!'

6. The Last 12.5% Push into Victory!

There is breakthrough and then    there is ultimate victory!  Remember, David overcame the Philistines, but they    regrouped and came against him again. The Lord said, "Here is a new    strategy, 'Come from behind! But wait until you hear the sound in the tops of the    mulberry trees!'"  After many years of war with the Philistines, he finally    took the Mother Bridle City in 2 Samuel 8.  Don't stop until you overcome all!Many of us have warred to enter, occupy and experience the fullness of    our promise.  We have warred against unrighteous structures that resist    the righteousness of God and us, His people.  The time has come to pursue    and finish off our enemies so they can no longer raise their hand against us.     This is what Gideon did in order to destroy the ravaging grip of the    Midianites over them.

7. A New Power to Overcome!

Stay Steadfast in who You    Are!
There is a new power being    released. The Body is becoming less gullible and learning to discern in new    ways! We have a power greater than the world structure that attempts to mold    and conform us!  Heidi DeHart shared the following dream: I worked in some    kind of corporate job. I was working on a project for a specific company. I got    a letter asking for private information about that company. When I looked    closely at the letter, I realized it was a forgery, so I didn't send the    information the forgers wanted. That night, I was sleeping in my parent's    house. It didn't look like their house, but it was. I was awakened by two men    breaking into my room. One was armed with a sniper type rifle, the other wasn't    armed. As soon as I saw them in my room, I began yelling loudly for my parents,    telling them there were men in my room. They came in, but just stood there. I    felt safer because I wasn't alone.
The unarmed man began to    talk with me. He was not threatening; just trying to convince me that I was too    "conservative" for the job position I was doing. By conservative, he meant 'Christian'.     He wanted me to move into a different position, because I wouldn't compromise    the privacy of the company, I was working with.
I said to him, 'But this is    America! Our freedom of belief is protected here!' He chuckled, and said    something like, 'That's what you think, but that's not really true.'    Occasionally, the man with the rifle would shoot me with a green laser. It    didn't hurt, but it made me feel numb all over, and I'd sort of fall asleep and    wake back up again. I think it was supposed to make me easier to convince.
While he was talking, I    realized that the night was full of activity. People's lawns were being peeled    back, and huge shipping containers were being dumped into holes under the    lawns, and then the grass put back so that everything looked the same in the    morning. It was a huge government conspiracy type event, where everything was    happening while the people slept, and it all looked normal in the morning.
The unarmed man kept trying    to convince me, but I refused to agree to his plan. I began to explain to him    that he was going to have a hard time convincing people, when the Kingdom of    God was inside of them. It was not a mindset and an attempt to change our identity.
I said to him, "Look, you're    going to have trouble changing people's minds, and here is why: God is in heaven.    People and Satan are here on Earth. God sent Jesus down to Earth, and Jesus is    called 'Emmanuel,' which means 'God with us'." Suddenly my left hand moved like    a magnet and the palm connected to the side of his left hand. I heard a sound    like a triangle being rung over and over again, and power came from inside of    me, down my arm and hand, and into him. All I could say was 'Jesus, Jesus,    Jesus!' and then I woke up.

Use these 7 keys to unlock    your future ahead!
Chuck D. Pierce

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Kairos Moment by Apostle Adrienne Williams

A Kairos Moment

November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) is a kairos moment in time! (Kairos - A time in between, a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens; the right or opportune moment - the supreme moment; "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.").

It is THE appointed time for your BREAKTHROUGH! Do not let this moment pass without PRESSING IN to get what God WILL release at THIS MOMENT in time!

Father, I ask for more wisdom and greater depth of vision to be able to see trans-dimensionally (across dimensions) in the Spirit realm concerning what is to come! Increase our functional capacity to be able to become EFFECTIVE as your representatives in the earth. Let us become FRUIT BEARERS in this season! Grant us the ability to discipline ourselves, draw closer to YOU, conform to your ways and mature to become MANIFESTED sons of God!

At this very moment in time, Father, grant us NEWNESS IN YOU! Release FRESH revelation, FRESH oil and FRESH wind (Ruach) to blow upon your people! Ignite a fire within that invokes a hunger for YOU that will NEVER die! A thirst that CAN NOT be quenched without the Living Water (YOUR WORD)! Out of our bellies, Father, we ask that you allow the Living Water flow, flow, flow! For those willing to go, Father, I ask that you take us NOW, in this kairos moment, into greater depths in you! From glory to glory! In Jesus' name!

Grace and peace,
Apostle Adrienne Williams

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Greatness! by Apostle Adrienne Williams

People of God, greatness is our portion! By God's design, it has ALWAYS been HIS desire for us to be a "great" people! Not for ourselves but for the service of others in His Kingdom. Prepare for NEW AND NEXT DIMENSION ministry!

It is written, "NOW [in Haran] the Lord said to Abram, Go for yourself [for your own advantage] away from your country, from your relatives and your father's house, to ...the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others]. And I will bless those who bless you [who confer prosperity or happiness upon you] and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed [and by you they will bless themselves]." (Genesis 12:1-3 AMP).

This IS a new season in your ministry AND in your life! DO not miss God because of lack of preparedness. Begin preparing NOW for the outpouring of fresh oil and an abundance of God's Spirit. For those who have been faithful unto HIM, THIS IS the season of divine favor!

Ministries and churches who are PROPERLY ALIGNED and SUBMITTED to THE WILL OF GOD for their existence in the earth will begin to flourish IN ALL AREAS, IN THIS SEASON, for HIS glory! The shift has taken place and the MANIFESTATION of change is in the atmosphere. The time is NOW!

Grace and peace,

Apostle Adrienne Williams

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Things of the Spirit by T. Austin-Sparks

The Things of the Spirit
by T. Austin-Sparks

The Kingdom of God
"He shall glorify me: for he shall take of mine, and shall declare it unto you. All things whatsoever the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he taketh of mine, and shall declare it unto you" (John 16:14,15).

"But unto us God revealed them through the Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God... Now the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; and he cannot know them, because they are spiritually judged" (1 Corinthians 2:10,14).

It is quite clear, I think, that the passage we have quoted from Corinthians represents the fulfilment of the words in John: that is, that what the Lord Jesus said the Holy Spirit would do, in declaring or revealing His things, the Holy Spirit really did do through the Apostles. What we have through the Apostles is really the Holy Spirit taking the things of Christ and showing them to us. I want at this time to take up one of these major things which came in with Christ, about which He Himself said a great deal and about which the Apostles said much, and about which their ministry as a whole is really concerned. I refer to what the Lord Jesus called the Kingdom of God.

As I have said, and as we know from the Gospels, the Lord Jesus said a very great deal about the Kingdom of God. And right at the end of the book of the Acts, near the end of the long, full life of the Apostle Paul, we are told that the last things he was talking about were the things of the kingdom of God. He received in his hired house where he was a prisoner all who came to him, and spoke to them the things concerning the Kingdom of God (Acts 28:30,31). This, then, is a major matter in relation to the Lord Jesus about which we need the Holy Spirit's teaching and interpretation, for it is really this that sums up the whole mission and ministry of the Lord Jesus. Everything else may be said to be gathered into this: you have only to be reminded of the parables of the Kingdom to realise how very comprehensive this matter of the Kingdom is.

The Jewish Idea of the Kingdom

Now, in order to prepare our way for the real heart of this message, we must spend just a few minutes reminding ourselves of the Jewish background and expectation as to the Kingdom of God. To those to whom He spoke in His time on this earth, this about the Kingdom of God was no strange language. They had been looking and waiting for the coming of that Kingdom for many centuries. Their prophets had said much about it, and they were in expectation of the coming Messiah to set up this Kingdom of God. They believed that God was the Ruler of this universe, and they believed that Israel was the nation in which He would set up His Kingdom on earth, and they were waiting for Him to do it. At the very time of the coming of the Lord Jesus, we are told, they were in expectation of this coming One. Their ideas of the Kingdom were entirely secular, entirely temporal,
with all the personal, physical, earthly advantages to themselves that that would create.

We know that it did not happen in the way in which they expected. Christ came, the Messiah came, but in their form of expectation the Kingdom of God did not come, and they missed it. As they expected it, it was never instituted and set up: and so, because they missed it, a common phrase has come into existence about this Kingdom. It is said now to be 'the Kingdom in mystery'. I think what is meant by that phrase (which is not a Bible phrase, by the way) is that it is a suspended Kingdom, in its real nature; it is something abstract and something rather indefinite. The mentality about the Kingdom in this dispensation is like that — that it is an indefinite kind of thing, so that many people are still waiting for the Kingdom to come; and that gives us our point in this very meditation.

The True Meaning of the Kingdom

We have already said that the whole ministry of the Apostles was the ministry of the Holy Spirit interpreting and showing the meaning of the Kingdom of God. Now, the whole New Testament rests upon a present definite fact: that the Kingdom has come. It is here — it is in existence. It may not be the temporal Kingdom that the Jews looked for; it may not be in secular terms: it is something even more real than that. The Kingdom is come, in very truth: but, in order to appreciate that, it is necessary for us in the first place to get a better understanding of the word 'kingdom'. The translation of the Greek word which the translators have given is not a very happy or fortunate one. When you speak of a 'kingdom', it at once conjures up ideas — such as that of a system and a realm; but the original word does not, at any rate in the first place, connote that at all.

The word behind our word 'kingdom' means 'sovereignty', 'rule', or 'reign': and so the Kingdom of God really means the reign of God, the rule of God, the sovereignty of God. It is a realm or a form of government — an economy, as we call it — in so far as it is the sphere where God's sovereignty is in operation, where God's rule is active. That, of course, is found in the synonym for the Kingdom of God, so often used — the 'Kingdom of heaven'. There is no essential difference between the two expressions. It just means, on the one hand, the personal rule of God, and on the other hand, the sphere where that rule, that sovereignty operates — namely, Heaven.

The Kingdom Now Come

Now, in this particular and peculiar form, the Kingdom of God came in with the exaltation of Jesus Christ to God's right hand. You remember that the Lord Jesus said one day to His disciples: "There be some here of them that stand by, which shall in no wise taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God come with power" (Mark 9:1). Now, that is a very interesting statement. That is the way Mark puts it: "till the kingdom of God come with power". You know that the 'miracles' of the Lord Jesus are really, according to the original language, the 'powers' of the Lord Jesus. Instead of speaking of them as miracles, we should speak of them as powers, or as 'mighty works'. As His parables were an expression of His wisdom, His miracles were an expression of His power. They were powers in certain specific forms; it is the same word, the same meaning. "Some... shall in no wise taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God come" — if you like — 'as a miracle, as a mighty work, as a power', corresponding to His miracles in the days of His flesh. But the supreme miracle, or the supreme power what was that? The Apostle Paul, under the tuition and illumination of the Holy Spirit, makes that perfectly clear in one statement. "That ye may know... the exceeding greatness of his power... that working which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and made him to sit at his right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule, and authority, and power, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come" (Eph. 1:18-21). The supreme 'power' was the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, with a view to His exaltation, and the Kingdom came then. Paul says it has happened already, that Jesus, by this tremendous, this superlative, miracle of God, is at the Father's own right hand, "far above all rule, and authority", now. And into that you will be gathering other statements. "For he must reign, till he hath put all his enemies under his feet" (1 Cor. 15:25). "He must reign": that is not future — that is now. "God highly exalted him, and gave unto him the name which is above every name" (Phil. 2:9). It is something already done. The Kingdom has come; the Kingdom of God is in existence. Christian history can only be explained in terms of a Throne, and that Throne is the Throne of Christ.

It is tremendously impressive that when it has been in right relatedness to the exalted Christ as supreme Head and Lord, the Church has been unconquerable, unquenchable, impregnable. Through everything that men and hell could do to bring it to an end, as they did with its Lord, it has gone on its way. All the hammers have worn themselves out; the anvil remains intact. But when, as in the dark ages, the Church has been out of right relationship with Him as its Lord, as on the Throne, then the Church has suffered defeat and humiliation. There, then, is God's fact, and if only we are adjusted to God's fact, the world and the kingdom of darkness cannot overthrow us, do what it will. We shall march on, "terrible as an army with banners" (S. of Sol. 6:4,10).

The Holy Spirit the Custodian of the Kingdom

Now, this whole matter of the Kingdom is shown to have been put into the custodianship of the Holy Spirit. His relationship to this matter is made very clear. A comment by one of the Apostolic writers upon something that the Lord Jesus said when He was here was this: "But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believed on him were to receive: for the Spirit was not yet given; because Jesus was not yet glorified" (John 7:39). The Spirit is given when Jesus is glorified: which means that Jesus is now in glory, exalted to the right hand of God. The Spirit, then, came expressly to take up this whole matter of the Throne rights, the Kingdom interests, of the Lord Jesus. His whole work is bent upon bringing this sovereignty of Christ into expression, this rule of Christ into realisation, this government of Christ into the Church and through the Church. And, alongside that, it is the Spirit's ministry to instruct us, to teach us, to show us the meaning of the reign, the rule, the sovereignty, of Christ. That is a big ministry, and you and I must seek to interpret everything in the light of that.

The Spirit has come — He has come as committed to a particular task. He has come as the Custodian of a great and specific Divine purpose. If the Holy Spirit is doing anything at all in this world with men and women, with you and with me, and in us, let it be understood that His object, His aim and His end is to make Christ absolutely Lord in every detail — the supreme, sovereign King.

The Kingdom Working in Secret

It explains all that happens to us, and it explains all that is going on within us. Of course, this Kingdom — this reign, this rule, this sovereignty — is working very largely in secret. We have said that it marks the change in the dispensation. As things are now, the Kingdom is something that is so largely hidden because it is now spiritual, and not temporal or secular. But oh, how wonderful is this secret working of the Spirit in relation to this rule! It forms a subject by itself, which we cannot pursue just now. But let it be understood that there is a deep, deep work going on from Heaven by the Spirit of God in this whole creation; sometimes we speak of a person as being a 'deep' person. We pass the remark, 'Oh, he is a deep one'. What do we mean? There is something deep down there that is characteristic: you cannot always just put your finger on it, or define it and say what it is, but it is something very real that explains that person.

In a very much fuller sense, that is the character of the rule of Christ by the Spirit in this dispensation. There is something very deep going on: God's plans are very deeply laid. Sometimes you just get a hint of them, just see some little suggestion or token. God is deeper than all the wit and wisdom of men; God undercuts all the cunning of Satan — yes, He is deeper than the deep things of the very Devil himself. He has got it all measured, all weighed up, all in hand; and when the full story is told, it will be seen that Satan was not having his way at all, but underneath everything God was working.

The Kingdom and Patience

Now, in closing, just this word for practical help. John, who, as you know, is so much occupied with the spiritual aspect of things, in the opening of the book of the Revelation uses a phrase which I think is a clue to very much: "Your brother... in the... kingdom and patience which are in Jesus" (Rev. 1:9). The sovereignty and the patience are here put together, hand-in-hand. Sovereignty and patience — what does that mean?

Well, it may very well mean that God and Christ, in that absolute sovereignty, can afford to be very patient and to wait a long time. They have the thing in hand, and know how it is going to work out in the end. They can be very patient because of sovereignty.

It may also mean that patience is the way of sovereignty: that if you have the power in your hand, you are not going to use it for men's instant destruction — you are going to be patient. Men interpret God's patience and longsuffering and long delay as God's weakness or indifference, but His patience has to be interpreted in the light of His sovereignty in this way. He is not going to use His power to force issues instantly. He is going to give us plenty of time — plenty of time. John was knowing something of that in his exile in Patmos. If He was on the Throne, why did not the Lord meet this Nero — meet this terrible, terrible persecution from Rome — meet the sufferings of His servant and servants with swift deliverance? Well, that is not God's way; He is not using His sovereignty in that way. He is giving men time, He is being infinitely patient, He is waiting. The sovereign rule and the patience go together.

But there is a third aspect to this. Why was John in Patmos? Was it because Rome and the emperor had sent him there into exile? Was it because of the persecution of the Christians at that time? Not at all! The Roman emperor and his minions were mere blind instruments under the Throne of Jesus Christ. What was the meaning of it? — and if we get this, we have got the meaning of so much adversity and suffering and difficulty. You see, virtues are the real power. Power is not official; power is not coming and bludgeoning people into submission and obedience. That is not power, that is not the Kingdom of God. The power of God's rule is the power of virtues, spiritual qualities; and there is a quality about Divine patience that is infinite power.

Where would you or I be today but for the infinite patience of God? Is it not that that has saved us, preserved us, kept us? Every day we have to worship God for His patience, to acknowledge that this patience of His is such a mighty thing. What we owe to it! Where should we be without it? John was a fellow-partaker in the patience of the sovereignty. John was really learning the power of the Kingdom of God and of Christ which was found in patience; for, after all, the triumphant person is the one who can wait patiently. We know that impetuosity spells weakness — weakness and impetuosity go together. The test of strength is: Can we wait — not being passive, but waiting positively — and go on waiting?

That kind of waiting represents a mighty faith. It is a faith that says: God can do and will do.

'The mills of God grind slowly,
But they grind exceeding small.
Though with patience He stands waiting,
With exactness grinds He all.'

He spreads it over a long time, but it is all right. The issue is a very thorough work.

Now, the bringing together here of the Kingdom — the sovereign rule — and patience, means this: that you and I are being trained for rule, for government, along the line of necessitated patience. The impulsive, the impetuous person will never reign, will never be put into responsibility of spiritual government. The work of the Spirit in relation to the Kingdom — the rule — is to bring about patience, Divine patience, in our hearts. I venture to say that this is perhaps one of the things that we all need more than anything else. You may be a very patient person — some of us know very well that we are not — but the Lord takes great pains with us over this, because He sees that patience is not only a virtue, but a power (the words 'virtue' and 'virile' are cognates). Patience is both virtuous and efficacious: it is the rule of the Spirit in our hearts. First published in "A Witness and A Testimony" magazine, Jul-Aug 1957, Vol. 35-4

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Small Straws In A Soft Wind by Marsha Burns

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- 11/1/11:

Pay attention, prophets of Mine. Silence your flesh, listen and see by the Spirit. For, the trumpet is about to sound in preparation for the heavenly announcement to come forth. Prepare yourselves to hear, and I will speak to My people through you. It will be a clear and vital message that only the pure in heart will perceive, and only those whose hearts are open will receive. Wait patiently for its soon release, says the Lord.

Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.