The Jezebel Spirit

The Jezebel Spirit

I will give you divine strategies in warring against Jezebel for she is a high ranking principality that needs to be brought down. She will try and cut off those that are genuine by having the pre-eminence. She is not a kingdom player and will always try with her seducing spirit to come against the true man or woman of God. She will be nice unless she feels threatened and then will show her teeth. It is not for the faint of heart to stand against her but come aside with Me and wait on Me and I will reveal my plans. They will not all be revealed at once but it will be a combat mission that will slowly and painstakingly take place over a period of time.

Some Ways The Jezel Spirit Operates

We have seen the Jezebel spirit try to gather to itself the weaker in the faith and befriend them to win them to her side. She will also try to befriend quickly the true prophet of God who will usually know that something is not right and will discern her spirit. The true prophet may give a sound word and then the one with the Jezebel spirit will come up in front of the Pastor and comment on the word and add that the Lord had just shown them that on the way to church. Hence trying to gain credibility by latching on to the true prophetic gift to gain affirmation. The spirit will try to gain access to be elevated in authority and come up with ideas like praying for the Pastor and other subtle ways to put herself in the limelight.

The high ranking Jezebel spirit is male as all spirits are male but I am referring to it as a she, as it more often (not always) attacks the woman. This spirit is smooth and subtle and will speak behind the back of those that are in authority. Even after a first service at lunch afterwards we have seen her subtly share things that have happened to her and how those in a church (that she will name) are against her. She will speak against the works of God that she has left, to discredit them. Little seeds of discord are sown subtly from her mouth. In truth those she speaks against are the ones that have found her out and disciplined her. Finally after being removed from that church she will share about how they have treated her and how she has been hurt by them. She will make out the authority in the church to be the ones that are mean and that they have misunderstood her.

The one with the Jezebel spirit is often one in the church that has been wounded. It is out of a wounded spirit that they now operate so that the prophetic gift is now operating through a tainted vessel. Bitterness and unforgivingness are lodged deep in their heart and the Lord wants to free them. Until they see that they are operating out of this spirit they will never be free. This is why it is imperative that those operating the prophetic gift receive the necessary healing and deliverance before they get into ministry. Then too there is the false prophet totally controlled by Jezebel. They may have started out on the right track but gotten off the rails. Leadership who are discerning will recognize this spirit. Often God will use the true prophet to warn those in authority. The problem comes when the authority in that church does not rightly discern and is being influenced by the Jezebel spirit. Not all Pastors are walking in the level of discernment needed and we must pray for them that they have eyes to see and ears to hear. They often come to that opinion because this puffed up Jezebel spirit has put forth all of this information about herself out of her own mouth and leadership has swallowed it. I recall one Pastor just lapping up every word spoken by one with this spirit who had newly come to the church. She had him captivated in their first conversation. One can only stand there and pray at that time. They will often come there saying things like they had a vision of the place and that the Lord sent them. They will soon start prophesying and start to prophesy competing against the true prophet. We are all to prophesy but this becomes other than that in that it becomes a visible attack on the true prophetic gift and it may take a few weeks or months to see it. Sooner or later it will raise its ugly head. Then subtly the words become less sweet and will clash with the true prophetic word. Wisdom will tell the true prophet at this time to refrain from prophesying to keep themselves and the gift clean and they will need to wait on the Lord for wisdom and direction.

We are aware that there are many situations too where genuine prophetic people have been hurt and wounded by those in leadership that have not always understood the prophetic gift. Also those that are young in the prophetic need to learn prophetic protocol and so I am not speaking of these situations. Many true prophets of God in the making have gone through some very tough times and have even had those with the spirit of Jezebel gather together to discourage them so that they might leave the church. There are many genuine prophets still in their caves that need healing over the damage caused to them by the Jezebel spirit. One way or the other the Jezebel is at war with any true child of God that threatens them.

In one situation when someone checked back with the authority she was speaking against, it revealed that this one had been given many opportunities to repent and had gone behind the backs of leadership and spoken against them to others. Often the person is told that they may remain in the meetings but that for a period of time that they are NOT to speak or prophecy in the public meeting. In other words they need to take time to receive ministry to, submit to leadership receive the necessary healing and let God raise them up in due time. Some leadership will go so far as to try and work with this person and see them set free from this spirit. Often this spirit does not accept the correction and then in times when there is an opportunity to speak, even after being asked to refrain they will raise their hand and ask for the floor. After being given a few moments they again took over and then were asked to leave.

After leaving she will then go and seek out a less suspecting church. Quite often she will appear sweet and if with a husband he will have an Ahab spirit. One cannot have a Jezebel spirit in the home unless the man has first given up his God given authority as head of the home. Often but not always we will see these two spirits working together. She will go to another church and try to stay out of any that will detect her. Often she will chose a church that is not mature prophetically where she can again try to lodge and take people captive to her will. Smoothly she will investigate and check out the place often through people she has met that attend there.

Leadership needs to step into the situation and swiftly deal with the Jezebel spirit that is now operating in their midst. If this spirit is left to operate in time it will bring destruction to the church. One Pastor said that if one let this spirit operate in their church it would totally destroy it. He spoke the warning but it was not heeded by the leadership but was received by one of the prophetic persons in the house. So...they began to pray and intercede with others for this situation.They finally left this church and have since moved on to another. We need to pray for those in authority over us that we may live a quiet peaceable and Godly life. Pray for their discernment to be sharpened. It is imperative that church leadership have the discerning of spirits operating in their life and ministry. We need to guard the house of God against this spirit. We need to test and try every spirit and know what spirit is operating. God is raising up a prophetic people who walk who will know their God and detect all that is not of Him. There is power in the name of Jesus over all power of the enemy.

The Lord is raising up a church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.

"I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. Matt. 16:18 (NASB)