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Small Straws In A Soft Wind by Marsha Burns


Watch for the chance to speak the truth that will bring freedom. You will have opportunities to both speak truth to yourself in moments of weakness and temptation and to others who have yielded to the carnal nature on some level. Don't sympathize with the condition and works of the flesh or become a victim of attacks from the evil one. Rise up in the liberty that comes from maintaining your position in the Spirit, says the Lord.

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Voice Of The Prophet by Apostle Adrienne Williams

The Voice Of The Prophet

People of God, in this season and time, you will begin to see the voice of the prophet tempered (adjusted or attuned by the addition of a counterbalancing element; moderated or measured) like never before! Because there have been so many UNRULY prophets (in the past AND presently) who have refused (for whatever reason) to allow themselves to be taught concerning "how" to properly administer their gift on behalf of Heaven, their words will become few (if any)!

God has revealed unto me that there is a very specific word from the Lord that is coming from eternity into the earth realm VERY SOON that will cause an automatic Heavenly paradigm of thinking in the minds of those who hear it IMMEDIATELY upon hearing. However, the weight of the word itself AND the responsibility of delivering this word WILL NOT come by the mouths of those vessels who have continued to speak carnally and in any old manner concerning the things of God and then blamed their behavior as being God! Their ability to draw "like kind" to endorse and agree with their manner of operation has caused them to stray further from being our Father's mouthpiece than they realize!

If you are indeed a prophetic messenger, NOW is the time to examine your method of functionality if you desire to continue to be used by God. (Of course, this should be applicable to all ascension gift functionaries!) However, on this day and at this particular moment, God is truly concerned about the prophets. Because of the word that He is sending into the earth, He needs CLEAN and OBEDIENT prophetic vessels ONLY as an unruly prophet would truly proceed to mangle, distort and cause the demise of the AUTHENTICITY of that which God is saying!

Grace and peace,
Apostle Adrienne Williams

Prophetic Word for London, England

Forum: VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words
Topic: London England: Prepare ye the way!
Posted By: Henry Falcone

Dear Brothers and Sisters in London,

God is about to bring a visitation to your city and nation. As I have been praying for you, I feel the Lord has given me some words that I need to write to you. They are very humbling for me to write,  and I tremble when I write them. Lord who am I that you would speak these things to, to share with our family in London.

Beloved family of God, I present these things to you for your discernment. You must pray over them and see if they bear witness to your hearts. The word of God tells us to try and test all prophecy and the spirit of prophets is subject to the prophets.

So to all of those who are awaiting the "outpouring" that is to come to your city, please pray over what I am writing to you I believe is from the Lord. Please test it, and try it if it meets the standard of the witness of the Holy Spirit to your spirit.

I know no one there. I have no ideas of what is being planned next year, just that there are plans for when the Olympics come to your city. I am not in the inner circle of planners, so no one has spoken anything to me about anything.

I am just a man that lives in Arizona praying for you and may be hearing some words that you may need from our Lord for what is to come. So I place this at your feet for discernment, if it bears witness to you then may God give you the grace you need to proceed. If it does not, then please disregard it.


Prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way, sound the alarm, the time has come, the moment is here London. I am about to send the very flame of my presence to your city and your nation for such a time as this.

Don't let the day catch you unawares. Don't let it come upon you like a thief, so often my people are looking for me to come one way, and then I come in a way they don't expect and they miss my visitation.

I need the watchman on the walls. I need those with ears to hear what the Spirit says to the church to be sensitive to my movement. I am going to bring a divine visitation to you, but it will not be like the ones of the past. It will not be in a way many expect. Just as they were looking the for the Messiah to be born in the palace, I chose a manager and a stable.

This is a prophetic sign to you for that which is about to come. I am not coming in what the "religious" would look for as big, but I am coming in a way where I can reveal myself to the simple and the humble. I have no intention of  doing it man's way, for there is a way that seems right to a man but the way ends in destruction.

You must be sensitive to me. You must be able to hear even my whisper in this moment. I have a divine preparation to bring to my "ready ones." You can not plan this with your mind or even with your ideas. I have to breath this in you and reveal it to you so you can grasp the divine timing of the things that are to come.

If you will harken unto my voice and let me "prepare a way now in you," then I will trust you, "to prepare ye the way for me." You must not get your expectations rooted in the ideas of men, but your expectations must be rooted in me, my word and my ways.

Be slow! Be vigilant in seeking me. Don't assume you have the fullness of my counsel when you only know in part and prophecy in part. I have much more that I have to share with you, reveal to you, and it is going to even require a change in some of the things you feel led to do for me.

You must allow me to show you step by step and line upon line and precept upon precept for my visitation to you. I will send my fire. I will send my wind to spread the fire. I will send my Glory to be seen, but it will never be rooted in the ideas of men, only from the heart of my Father shall these things be revealed.

Stay close to me. Learn to "come up here, so I can show you the things that are to come. I am ready to align things and reposition things that are needed to make a way for my entrance and my coming in your midst.

Who will hear my voice? Who will listen for my directions and instructions. Who will stay on their face before me in intercession for your nation. I am not looking for prayers but intercession that I can work through.

I am not looking for people to petition me, but for people that will intercede with me with groaning brought forth from My Spirit praying my will to be done in and through you for this nation.  I want to lead you and to teach you how to pray what is on the heart of my Father for your nation. Will you allow me to do this?

If you look for me in the places that men will glory in, I won't be there. You will find me in what "men" would consider insignificant and lowly. I will be where most of the "religious" ones would never look. My kingdom is rooted in humility and brokenness and not arrogance and pride. My kingdom is but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Don't be looking in the wrong direction. Don't allow the enemy to take my God breathed words to you and bring them into your own understanding. If you will wait long enough, I will establish my word by 2 or 3 witnesses.

You must give yourselves to seeking me most diligently so you can cooperate with my outworking in this coming year and have my understanding of what will take place..

I am going to bring forth a flame that will ignite your city and your nation, and then it will spread to all of Europe and the world. It is just not coming in a way that would be familiar to you or the way you would even look to past revivals. Behold I am doing a new thing, can you not perceive it?

Remember I am lowly and meek and I desire for you to take my yoke upon you. My coming will not be brought about by the will of men, but by the will of my Father alone. He has entrusted to me all things and I am looking for those who will be found trustworthy for me to impart these things to for my Father's Glory.

Who will hear my heart? Who will pray for understanding and wisdom, but not of this world, but the wisdom of God on High? Let me put your hearts to rest. It will not be my might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.

So come to me and keep coming to me so I can reveal the ways I need to prepare you for my visitation. Come to me so I can give you divine strategy and not the strategy that comes from men. If you plan to do things that you "think" I will be in, I won't be there. I will be where I will be. I will do what I will do. I will give to whom I choose the understanding for this hour.

I am looking for the ones who "will stay close to me." I am looking for the ones that will wait upon me for my instructions and directions. I am looking for the ones that will not plan one thing without me. I am looking for those who will bring even what they feel in their hearts to do into my light for direction and discernment.

If you will allow me to lead you, you will behold my glory. You must not allow those who won't seek my face diligently to lead you. You must not allow those who rely on their understanding to prepare others for my visitation. 

You must not allow those who want to touch my glory to lead you. You must not allow those who will make a name for themselves or their ministries to lead you. You must not let unholy hands touch my holy things.

You must find those who will be humble in heart and in deed. Those who have clean hands and a pure heart. Those who will get underneath others and are willing to serve my people with a pure heart. Those who are willing to lay their lives down for the sheep. Those who are not looking to build their own name or ministry.

I am looking for those who will find the answers in Me alone. Those who will wait upon me and allow me to lead and direct them. Those who have my heart, my desires burning in them can touch my holy things. I am looking for those who have separated themselves unto me, and will do what I ask for my Father's and my glory alone. These are the ones I am choosing to bring forth to lead which I am about to do and desire for your city and nation.

I am going to shake some things now, for I can't allow the chaff to stay amongst my wheat. A separation is coming for I am lifting up the skirts of those who hearts are planning for their own gain and not for my kingdom. I am going to expose the true motives of those who would try to "direct how I am going to come to your city."

This must take place. Don't be discouraged when it comes. I am shaking everything that can be shaken so that which can't be shaken can remain. Don't fret when I separate as I did for Gideon down to 300. It is not in the large numbers I need to bring forth my fire to your nation.

Walk in love towards all men even when I separate. Don't allow your hearts to be hardened. Remember it is I that is doing this in your midst. For my fire will be holy. For my "new breed" that will come forth from the fire will not be tainted by the "stains of yesterday leadership" upon them. They will be entrusted to men that I trust and woman that I trust and prepared for such a time as this.

I have much more to share with you, so separate yourself unto me so I can show you the things that are yet to come.

I love you always and I am with you. You are about to behold my Glory. It won't be like you expect. As you lay down your "ideas" of how I am coming a "new expectation" will fill your heart and it will "prepare a way for me to come in your midst."

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The Hour Of The Watch by Prophet Phyllis Ford

The Hour of the Watch

by Prophet Phyllis Ford
Arlington, Texas

Prophetic Insights:

As prayer begins to take center stage in the midst of the hour that we have approached, I believe that we are probably standing at the most important time of release that we will receive from the Lord. Prayer is key to obtaining the secret anointing oil in these last days. We will need it more than ever during this month. The ability to hear God, find out where we need to be and how we need to get there is a priority now. The best vehicle to help us understand as we navigate through trouble times will be found in our (GPS) God’s Prayer System. Through that layered system of prayer, our watching before Him and our receiving the times of refreshing many things will become clear, revealed and properly discerned. Our understanding will increase as our love deepens for the Lord with whom we fellowship and receive counsel.

Utilizing our GPS will become the most effective way to replenish what we are missing. It will strengthen areas of us where we lack the ability/wisdom in a matter. It is definitely a door we must enter into, in order to understand what is going around us. If we lack discipline in our life, in the future it might determine whether we will overcome the perils of tomorrow or succumb to the challenges of the day.  We are approaching the new day and there are many challenges before us, it is the time that we utilize even brandish key weapons and strategies that the work of God may be accomplished in us.

God wants us, unconditionally, not on our time, but on His time. It's important for us to be what He has called us to be--The walk, the calling, gifting’s are all being fine-tuned now as we press in before His presence---His Heart is to prepare us for this next hour. We are turning a major corner and we will now see God’s wisdom activated in us (that was already there) come alive so that we may walk purposefully. Much to be done—and the clock is ticking. What we are looking for in areas of manifestation has so much to do with us and what are we doing. Will we prepare? Will we get ready? Is what we are doing lining up with what we are expecting God to do for us?

The Hour of the Watch

The Lord spoke in me that in this month of December that we have now entered into the hour of the watch—when the watch in times of prayer before Him can be extremely significance but also powerfully effective in this hour. In the word of God there are scriptures that point to very important events, battles, and victories. At these particular times (the hour of that watch) conveyed significant events that could give us guidelines and strategies in prayer. In military terms “watch” was referred to as the time that various military personnel were to stand guard to make sure there were no surprise attacks from the approaching enemy. The watchman, in the word of God, was uniquely positioned so they could warn the city as to what was coming and to prepare the people before it arrived.

Many of God’s people are in watch mode in this hour. They are watching, waiting before the presence of the Lord. They are crying out before the Lord in prayer over their nations. I am going to share the two watches that the Lord spoke to me and instructed that they would be very significant in this hour. Prayer at whatever time we pray is always strategic whenever it is released. Let’s look at the following two watches—and they relate to the prayers that we should pray during this month of December.

God’s manifold wisdom carry within it His counsel concerning us, it includes His plan of redemption, it speaks into our destinies, and carries within it timing and manifestation of things to come.  Let me qualify, there are many interpretations, versions, patterns on “watches.” I will be sharing the one guideline that I use and some of its strategies. I encourage you to pray for greater revelation, dig deeper, and ask God to teach you concerning prayer watches.

As you look closer in God’s word we see Jesus praying during the night before the Father. (Matthew 14:22-23, Mark 1:35, Luke 11:4, Mark 14:32, Luke 5:15-16 and more). Paul speaks of his time of watchings. (2 Corinthians 6:5, 2 Corinthians 11:27). These scriptures will enlighten you—encourage you to come closer to Him your time of prayer and consecration. Many of you are already watchmen on the wall. Let’s now pray for those learning about prayer watches. Because the Lord is raising up a powerful army of prayer warriors that are serious about the things of God and are ready to be deployed for duty in this hour.   

The Prayer Strategy

December is the 12th month and we are approaching the year 2012. The Lord showed me a strategy that during (December) the 12th month that we should pray during the 2nd & 3rd watch hour. (They both contain midnight-the 12th hour.) The 2nd watch covers 9pm to 12am midnight. The 3rd watch covers 12am midnight and 3am. So we pray through this window of December that these things come to pass—In Jesus Name.

Praying through the 2nd Watch  (9pm to 12am midnight)

At midnight Paul & Silas prayed and sang songs of praise. (Acts 23:23) Prayer and Praise will be a mighty weapon in the hands of the God’s people. This is a time to pray to break people free from bondages imposed by man and the enemy. Pray that in the month of December:

·        We need to pray for our family members salvation—(the jailer and his family were saved.) 

·        Press in and pray for those who are incarcerated and are going through their most lonely times. Decree that some of the greatest revivals are going to occur in the prisons.

·        Praying through the 2nd watch which includes the hour that the Egyptians gave the Children of Israel some of their possessions before they left Egypt. Only God can touch a people to render their substance to others, this was great favor. Pray for Israel’s favor and protection in this hour. Pray for favor to be released upon the people of God. Pray that those who need to transition from the place where they are to places of safety & deliverance, in December. 

·        Pray for the outpouring of prayer in our houses, our churches, our cities—pray for prayer revivals, prayer gatherings and that blankets & canopies of prayer will be released over the land and the people during December.

·         Pray that God’s people would be awaken out of their slumber and come into the place of Gethsemane where prayer with Jesus will strengthen them. Pray for protection from trials and temptations that we might face in this hour.

·         Pray that things that we need for the kingdom would be released in this hour. That as the supplies were gathered, for the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness, that the provision for the work of God will be released to feed, clothe and provide water, housing to people who will most need it in this month of December.

Praying through the third watch:    

(12am midnight to 3am) in the month of Dec. 2011

·        Pray that in the month of December people will come out of slumber and awaken to salvation, their destinies, their purposes as well as fulfillment of the work of the Kingdom. (There are several biblical references of slumber happened during midnight (Acts 20:7-12, Matthew 13:25, Ruth 3:1-10). 

·        This is a time of heighten level of satanic activity. Come against the spirit of violence & terrors in the night. Psalm 91—pray Ps 68:1 Let God arise and His enemies be scattered, let them also that hate him flee before him. Ps 68:4 Praise the name of the Lord. Ps 68:9 Pray down the rain of heaven. So much in that Psalm to pray forth in December.

·        Pray that the leadership of God would come together to pray, break bread until the breaking of the day (even through the breaking into 2012). Pray in December that   unity, commitment, fellowship, dedication for the work of God would supersede titles, and our own shortcomings. Pray for a divine intervention to come upon the people of God as they gather. Miracles, signs and wonders, (Act 20:7-12)

·        Pray that the people of God hearts would turn towards the understanding of His righteous judgments, and his precepts. In the month of December. Pray that Israel’s heart would turn towards the Messiah in this hour. Pray to cover and protect Israel leadership and land in this time. (Psalms 119:62)

·        Pray that the spirit of diligence that was upon Paul and the crew, the mercies of God that the men experienced getting through the perils of the night would be upon God’s people to help us in upcoming challenges that we face. (Acts 27:25-44) Speak to every storm of peril, terrorism attacks, violence upon our land in this month. Speak peace in Jesus name.

·        Pray for a heighten level of consecration in prayer would come upon the people. (Mark 1:35) Jesus taught the disciples how to pray—there is a key for us in this one. (Luke 11:5) State your major cases before God in the court of heaven in December before 2012. There is so much you can pray through with the “The Lord Prayer” including emergency provisions for coming trouble, the important thing is the praying forth the Kingdom—that God’s Kingdom come, God’s will be done. (Luke 11).

·        Pray for marriages to be healed and whole, for those who God has ordained to be married in this season, that we all come into a new revelation of the mystery of Christ and the church. Pray that in the midnight (whenever that might be) when the bridegroom comes—we would be ready & prepared to go out to meet Him. Please note that at midnight Boaz woke up at midnight and saw Ruth at his feet.

I have only scraped the surface but my prayer is that you will pray no matter what. If all of us would be on our watch and pray into various windows during various time zones, can you imagine the effects that could occur? The word of God is packed with events where men and women prayed and how mighty things begin to happen, shake, change even rendered help in the course and destinies of God’s people. Let’s not just pray, but pray through. Scriptures about watches: (Ex 14:24, Judges 7:19, 1 Samuel 11:11, Ps 90:4, Lam 2:19, Ps 119:148).

Special Note:  Pray over all previous prayer notes especially for Nov.-Dec. Intercessors and watchmen have been feeling serious concerns for our nation. There has been growing concerns about acts of terrorism, war, preemptive strikes. Food crisis, water crisis, and even livestock have been areas of prayer. Acts of violence within our land is also a prayer concerns. Earthquakes are still a major concern, so we continue to pray.

I remember the Lord said that something would occur during this time that would have a serious effect on the political arena. The Lord told me that our economy is on a serious course and may not hold up throughout this month of December. There is something unforeseen that will possibly affect its present state.

We have a short to almost no window of time left to turn around our economy before 2012. The Word of the Lord Nov.—Dec. 2011 stated that by the end of November the nations would be at a point of confusion as to how to get the economy back on course. (The end of November 2011 we saw that actually play out.)  We must pray and the God of Heaven will hear us and reveal to us divine instructions, ways of escape and reversals of the enemy’s devices.

Remember at midnight although the system had bound (Paul & Silas) but God shook that system to its core and that same system had to release them. It became a testimony to their victory. God prepared a door for them to come out of that which imprisoned them. Watch what God is preparing for us.

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A Personal Message from Prophet Phyllis Ford to all current subscribers:

I am personally asking you to stretch out in the area of giving and a sow a seed into this ministry—we are preparing to launch Apostolic Prophetic Leadership Ministry Training with schools of Apostolic Prophetic Ministry, Discipleship, Prayer Evangelism including Youth Ministries, with Live Streaming available. We are asking all of our subscribers to join us by sow a seed into this new work of the Lord. So many of you have emailed and shared how you have been impacted by the Lord’s prophetic releases from the West coast to the East coast from the Midwest region down to the south of the US to South Africa, Hong Kong to London and all the way to Israel—and many more. May God be glorified!!! Help the message of the Kingdom to continue. We encourage you to partnership with us as we continue to call out your names before the Lord. (We pray over all our subscribers.) We thank you and bless you in Jesus Name. May the blessings of the Lord God be mightily upon in this hour. May the Lord do exceedingly abundantly above that you may ask or think according to the power that works within us.

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A Scripture to Memorize

 11Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Psalm 119:11

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Vision of Europe by Julia C. Loren

A Vision of Europe
Julia C. Loren
Julia LorenLook to Germany, Northern Italy and Eastern Europe
During a long and revelatory worship set on November 20, 2011, the Holy Spirit took me up and into a vision where I flew over Europe and saw the territory the Lord had marked out for the outpouring of His Spirit in the coming years.
On the first pass through Central Europe, the Lord took me back to places where I had been in recent years - particularly in Germany and Italy. He then rolled back the memories and said that ministry will look very different in the years to come in Europe. A sovereign move of God will flow like a spring snow melt that begins with a trickle as the initial snow pack melts, then gains strength and rushes and roars into various watersheds for a season that will change the face of European Christianity.
The Lord showed me that as Germany is the first nation to fully embrace the move of God, the rivers of Germany will carry the rushing waters into other countries. I saw Germany come alive in the Spirit. And as the fire of God's love consumed them, they spread the word through Austria and the spring thaw rushed over the Alps into Northern Italy. I also saw the Swiss-Italy border watershed capturing the flow of the Spirit. Then, I heard the Lord say, "Look to the university towns of Germany and Northern Italy for a revival among the youth who will carry it throughout Eastern Europe." I believe this includes Heidelberg University in Germany and Padua in Italy (the second oldest University in Europe where Galileo taught).
As I flew along the Danube into Budapest I saw the crystalline image of a silvery angel hovering above Budapest. Showers of silver rained down upon the Danube and flowed to the east. And wherever the river flowed, revival flowed. For the Lord is redeeming His people out of the ravishes of oppression and into the total freedom of the Holy Spirit. The silver and the gold are His to give where He pleases, and it is time for the Eastern European Bride to step forward out of the ashes and into the adorning grace of redemption. He has set His gaze upon you. This is the time of your favor - Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania - you who live where the Danube flows.
The Lord Will Be a Ring of Fire Around England and Wales
Then the Lord took me over the United Kingdom where the Cross was superimposed across the landscape. I saw four fires being lit - one in the north, one in the south, one in the east and one in the west of England. And the Lord said, "I am lighting a ring of fire around England and Wales. And I will be a ring of fire around them." Look to four churches to become well-known Apostolic Resource Centers in the coming years. They will release the torches that all of England will either be drawn to or repelled by. And the fire of God will protect them.
Then the Lord said, "Look to the locks that are opening canals long closed." The re-opening of locks in the U.K. is a sign that the ancient waterways are opening that have held back a move of the Spirit of God. New pathways of the Spirit are opening, new opportunities to spread the Word within the region are opening. As the locks become unlocked, the restored waterways of revival and evangelism will emerge and flow.
I looked this up online after receiving the vision, and read a note of significance concerning the ancient locks: "The Droitwich Canals opened Friday, 1 July 2011, 72 years after they were officially abandoned... 240 years after they first opened on 27 June 1771, the newly restored waterway is the final link in a brand new 'cruising circuit' - the Mid Worcestershire Ring. The Ring allows boats, cyclists and ramblers to make a 21-mile circular journey through some of the UK's most beautiful and historic countryside, from the Worcester & Birmingham Canal to the River Severn, through the city of Worcester and back to Droitwich."
In the 1770s, when many locks were being built or restored, England was in the middle of the John Wesley revival. It is also interesting to note that in 1939, when many canals and locks began closing, history records that WWII broke out that year. Also, religious historians believe that in 1939, one particular man brought Wicca out of the woods of England and spread its popularity throughout Britain and America, launching a Wiccan revival. It seems like 1939 was a good year to close off the waterways of the natural and spiritual enemy. But now is the time to reopen the waterways of the Spirit and let revival break out!
A ring of fire around the country and a ring of locks within it speak of the coming invasion of Heaven becoming more manifest than ever before to ordinary Believers and unbelievers. Both speak of complete circles - like a wheel within a wheel - and both are signs that the Lord is moving to restore the rich heritage of the Spirit in the U.K.
The vision ended and two questions rumbled through my mind. The first was this: Will Europe experience its Spring thaw in 2012? And the second question was this: As the Lord sovereignly and suddenly lights the fires of revival and evangelism, who will rise up and carry the torch to the neighboring nations?
I believe it will be those who say, "Here am I, send me!" who will go to the surrounding nations, and many who are displaced or students living outside of their home countries in Central and Eastern Europe will find themselves riding the rivers and carrying the torch wherever the river flows.
Julia Loren
Julia Loren Ministries