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Word of the Lord 2013 - Part II

Word of the Lord 2013 - Part II
By: Prophet Phyllis Ford
Arlington, Texas

There are dreams that I have had in times pass that while seeing the dream, I was viewing myself with full understanding of what was going around me. During the month of December 2012, I was in a deep consecration before the Lord and I was just coming out of a fast. I had a dream/visitation it was very clear, detailed and the meaning behind it was also clear as if I was watching it as it occurred.

I was in place where there were others who were my peers.  We were all given the same assignment from the Lord. Each prophet/prophetess there was a small group of people that went with them: which consist of one of the Lord’s observers and along with  our own personal assistant. I remember having several tablets and writing pens with some kind of carry bag. I was told to prophetically minister to these four people who I did not know. They were two women and two men. It was powerful that I remember as much as I did. Once I finished the assignment of the prophecies, I asked the Lord who were the people that I prophesied to and my assistant handed a folded paper with four peoples’ names. It read:
I looked as if I was saying, what? The Lord said, “The people that I released the prophesies through you, represent the seasons in time.” In 2013, we would see a year of various seasons, divine timings, and that His purposes would be established in the lives of His people.

This was the Lord’s prophetic utterance over the four people that were I and others were assigned to:

1.      Winter--She was an older lady, sitting in a dimly lighted room. She was a woman of grace and refinement her prosperity upon her was evident. The Lord showed me she had great wisdom beyond her years. She was a praying woman who cried out to Him on behalf of her and the nations. The Lord said, “That because repentance was her priority she would receive favor, and that this was her appointed time. For the significance of her cry had been heard in this hour, He was extending His hand of salvation and protection for his people. This was a time of stark realities, even coming trouble. But for her to stay in the protection of His presence, where she would find peace and clarity. This is a time of rebooting (resetting) because everything that has happened up to this point. Could go either way. Things can continue as they were and which could result even worse than they are, or it can become the starting point into new beginnings. I told her with His wisdom comes discernment, prudence and  discretion”.(Colossians4:5)

There will be many open doors but she must be watchful, exercising much discretion concerning the things that she must do. Once she has received the things that the Lord has prepared for her. She must be very practical in all her dealings. I talk to her about setting strong regimes spiritually, and naturally. Begin to utilize your greatest strengths to make new strides in your life now.

2.      Spring--He was a man in his late twenties. I saw him running and he was running to win. He reached a point where he began to pick up pace from where he originally started. It didn’t seem difficult for him, it was as if he was taking it all in stride. I told him that all of these things represented him running the race—along his own life’s course and the significance in him doing that. (Hebrews 12: 1-3) Things are now on a faster track—this was the time to change lanes and be urgent about it. Acceleration is already here. Time is of the essence in accomplishing things, don’t put them aside, do them now.  Don’t be distracted by watching others in their own lanes, but be a help but watch distractions.  The new confidence which is of the Lord will be upon you now as if the Lord is standing by your side saying, “Come on you can do it.” Continue to run the race with patience. Great change is coming and great change is taking place. Keep the lord’s promises before you. Also remember that the end of this race is closer than you think. Run will be very significant in his life this year. Run, make haste don’t delay. 

3.      Summer--A young lady with freckles and light auburn hair—She was in a white filled with light. Even the rays of the sun were beaming through the window. But then I realized that everything was in black & white. (no gray areas) This was time that the light and life of the Lord was shining down upon her. I drew a picture of her (I cannot draw) she had on her hand a monarch butterfly that was beautiful and was about to take flight. The Lord talked about a restoration of the creative things coming back and how the purity and beauty was being restored to her. It was the infusion of light that breathed new life, dedication and purpose to Lord that had refreshed her soul. That new life was now, ready to take flight. Maturity was being birthed and brought forth in this time. I told her to stay before the presence of the Lord, stay in the light, because it will give you direction. The light will also reveal the things that she will have to deal with. Be quick to be obey all the Lord will say that must be done now. Time is important—the time is now. I said to her; “The lord is positioning you. He is preparing you for your next place in Him. Allow your eyes to adjust to the light, move away from the darkness that may try to surround you from the influences of others. (Psalm 27:1, Psalm 36:9)

4.      Fall--The last one was a man with black curly hair. He had large eyes that turned down at the end and they seem sad. He wore servants/waiter’s clothes with a white shirt and a white towel on his right arm. He was in a beautifully expensive restaurant with golden colored table coverings. He had a tray carrying a wine glass with a clear liquid, a rose and gold plate. When I approached him a woman put a microphone in my face. I begin to talk to him about Israel. The Lord spoke to him about his heart of great humility, his love for Israel, and that his prayers had come up before the Lord. I said to him, “The Lord said I see you, and how you love Israel. These things that you have done in times past concerning your prayers, and alms are forever before me.” “You have served me with diligence and carried a love for me and for her (Israel). I want you to know I have never forgotten nor do I forget become the day is coming for your restoration and for her restoration. By this time we are all weeping. For no matter what happens I will a have a time for her, set by my own hand, as I have in your life. He begin to sway/stagger and the lady and I held him up. He wept almost uncontrollably. I heard music in the background after the word was released, perhaps it had been going on before that time and I hadn’t realized.( Isaiah 41:8-9)

The handing of the names to me showing the people who were prophesied to, by the one who served as an assistant in the assignment was significant. The assistants represented those who faithfully served the Lord and His people. Yes we are sons, friends and servant-leaders of the Lord Most High. There will be some significant times in this year that the servants will be the bearers of God keys to unlock wisdom as they continue to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God.

Word of the Lord 2013 -- Part I

Word of the Lord 2013 -- Part I
By: Prophet Phyllis Ford
Arlington, Texas

This is a compilation of words that the Lord has shared with me during the month of November-December 2012 concerning the year 2013. Because of the length of this word it would do well to print/copy/paste and read it slowly. The words that are in quotes are the Lord’s words. Pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do after reading this word.

This Year’s Major Focus 
This is a season whose time has come. 2013 has to do with the timings of God and the purposes that God will have in its’ proper season. This year, timing is crucial especially in the season we are presently in (to carry out God’s purposes).

“For the times which you are about to enter into are sure. Behold, I have ordered some things that cannot be changed, but also know that I have prepared a covering and a canopy that will protect you and keep you. So stretch beyond where you are into your purpose. In this year 2013 there shall be key times, appointed times, set times, times of watching, and times of waiting before my presence. I am about to move and a mighty release of my power shall be manifest before you. Even suddenlies shall sweep the nations, as cries of repentance come forth. I shall move out of My place to establish and execute My work before you. This is all because the time has come and it must come forth now, and it will not be delayed. For these things are in My timing.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 10, 11, 16-19 *
Psalm 75:2 (Amplified Version) When the proper time has come, [for executing my judgments,] I will judge uprightly, (says the Lord.)

“For this is a time to strengthen the foundations and to remove the faulty ones. It is essential that you know what you believe, what are your values, what standards you will live by. These choices will determine what structures will remain and continue to stand. In this year, everything will be carefully examined; what must come down, will be removed and my truth will forever stand. Know that to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. (Eccles. 3:1) Purpose this year is a major issue. Some things will occur because I have purposed these things to come forth now. No more time for this issue or this situation to linger. Some things shall be changed quickly and without notice. This is the time for my purposes to be established, this will become very evident in 2013.”

“I am raising up amongst my people those who will restore truth in my house, order and integrity. I will raise those in this hour that will proclaim the truth of my word and call things into order. Men, who many will not know in terms of notoriety, but when they are heard, you will know them. Women, who will stand, pray and preach the truth. They both will uproot old religious systems that men set in place to cover up much iniquity. Ministries that will not uphold the truth of my word will be confronted and they will not flourish in this time, says the Lord.” 

An Issachar Prophetic Company Movement
“There will be a new fresh strong prophetic movement arising, they will be liken to an Issachar people: who will know the times and seasons, and who will know what my people ought to do. There will be a distinct difference in what is perceived now as the prophetic. For I will establish my people in this hour to do great exploits; not just say what will occur, but also go forth to demonstrate and execute my will. They will  uncover and destroy the works of the enemy in many places. They are humble warriors who will properly train and prepare those whose hearts are willing, and even to those who have lost their own way. They will bear the burdens of the people needs in their hearts and will emphasize salvation, healing and the deliverance as they go. They will not be afraid to walk in the power that I will release upon them for my glory, says the Lord.”

“Those who have said in times past that they are helping the needs of others and have not done so will be exposed. Know I will not place my power into the hands of those who will not walk in the integrity of my word. You will know the difference in those who are truly doing the works and those who are only operating in lip service and for monetary gain. Yes, there will also be a great evil arising and some very evil things are set to occur in this time. But greater than that will be my army, for I will remove even uproot from one camp. While at the same time I will replenish/restore my camp. There will be a power-shift and I will raise those who will have not only the heart for the people but will sow into their lives hope and raise them up from a place of despair.  Many people have become discouraged and feel as if nothing will change or get better. I hold the key to bring my life and my light to lands, people, and atmospheres by my own hand, and I don’t need anyone to help me do it.”

“This renewing that the world is about undergo is part of a necessary process, and it is not based on man’s ideas nor set by man’s rule. But it is based upon Kingdom rule and reign of which I am the King. I will raise up those who will have the King’s heart, the ones’ who have been purified in the fire of afflictions, humble and compassionate. When I taught my disciples to pray: Our Father who art in heaven ….I never spoke those things for my kingdom to suffer utter destruction. Nor would it have been declared, that the kingdoms of this world will become my kingdoms, if I didn’t have the final say. The important issue now is what will you do and who will you become and what purpose will you fulfill for these things to come to pass.”   

Revelations 11: 15 And the seventh angel sounded; there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His  Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever. 

Dealing with rebellion and the needed work of repentance
“Some of the most simplest and basic things are very important. Many ask the question, “How has the world gotten to where it is now?” Look at the things that are going on around you and you will understand that the answers lie at the origin. It must be examined in light of what happened in the beginning. One of the things that occurred is when truth was revealed to man, he didn’t want to live by it, so he replaced it over time with what he wanted to understand as truth. So even in the simplest of matters that’s where the root of rebellion began. When that happened it altered major things as well. The value system that the world knew became corrupt as things became affected by rebellion and upon that rebellion their standards were established.”

“It has greatly affected the church. So even though the simple basic principles have been compromised, many had no idea how far from the truth things have fallen. Some of the most basic truths were replaced with “allowables” that people took on to be true, when they were never truth at all. So as people began to follow those so-call standards and everyone then to begin to ask, “How did this come about?”.   There is a work of repentance that must occur going back to the core principles that were originally declared and established in my word”.

“Father we come to you with the understanding that we have sinned before you and because of the rebellion that is in our own hearts. We have replaced the truth of your word with lies and deception that were acceptable to us. We ask now Lord that you uproot every ungodly mindset and thought process that we have decided to follow that was not yours. Uproot every lie so that we may be restored to your truth as it really is and not what we want it to be. We realize that as a result we have compromised not only the truth of your word but that these belief systems have affected our lives, standards, and values. Lord God, please forgive us. Lay the axe to the root of the tree of rebellion in our lives. and remove it, in Jesus Name Amen.”     

“So as a result, people have made up their own understanding of core family values and principals of giving, and living. Now work ethics, relationships, social and economic values have been affected and in the minds of people they perceive their views as right and they will view others as wrong. Some people are not receiving true deliverance because things are smoothed over and not confronted spiritually. A real work of repentance must be done and must be prayed in this hour for REAL CHANGE to take place. Also truth is not based upon an individuals’ experience. Truth is based upon me and my word. You will find that there is much deception in people’s experiences that doesn’t line with the truth of my word. Remember he is the father of lies (John 8:44).”

“There shall be an uprooting, a replanting and rebuilding process that will take place as a result of the faulty values that are lies. The work of repentance will begin to uproot and remove these strongholds in the spirit and that work will also begin to take hold in the natural. You will begin to see the effectiveness in prayer and intercession, in the preaching of the true gospel. The system of lies will be destroyed in those who desire to believe truth and change their hearts and minds back to their first love. The time has come for these things to happen now. The lies will be dispelled in those who will hear, but the others will fall prey to an even deeper realm of lies and deception. There will be a great divide; those who will hear and those who will not follow me or the truth. But you shall know the difference between the two.”

Judges, Catastrophic Events And Acts Of Terrorism,
“I will reestablish judges in the land, those who I will place my authority in as I deal with the corruption in the land and the people. Some regions will be destroyed and the places where the people live that refuse to change, under great shakings will not stand. I will call my people out from a place, and I will speak to them in dreams and visions and they will know that my timing is now. Do not be so attached to a place that you will not come out. In 2013 there will be devastation in the land through large earthquakes, landslides, major flooding from tsunamis and violent wind storms. 2013 will have several volcanic eruptions that will cause major damage. So when you see these things pray and find out my will before determining your own plans. When I say come out from among them and be separate, then come out.”

“Because of some unbridled emotions, strife and decisions within leadership in nations and regions, there will be adverse reactions from the hand of others. Terrorism will occur from within and from the outside the United States.  There will be, at times, sudden striking without any warning. Terrorism in London, and within various European lands, will become hot spots as the acts of violence grow against those regions.  The seizing of planes by highjackings with terrorist will also occur and the government will have to set new measures in place to counter act this activity. Planes will have to be secured better and there will be many no fly zones announced.” 

Our Patriarchs
“In this season there will be some patriarchs in the faith that will come home to be in my presence and will leave their present existence with great legacies, and much insight. They leave many answers in their teachings behind them and many mantles will be released. It is important that my people begin to study seriously and become more acquainted with sound words of wisdom after my sons/daughters have gone from this earthy place. While they were living they should learned directly from them and even received impartations from their lives.”

The Youth Invasion
“There is going to be a powerful youth movement in this hour that will rise up and will not be contained by the status quo.  They will come from everywhere from the ages of 12 through 24, a great resurgence will arise with young people excited about the good news of the gospel.  It will become so strong until those who are older and battle weary will be revived by their zeal. This coupled with strong mentors will bring forth a fresh wind of new life and purpose in the land. It will sweep across nations and seas, carrying a strong wave of revival and hope will be restored to many through this move. Even the very young (under age 12) will be touched by my very hand to speak and to declare my word. They will worship and pray to uplift those who are tired, and inspire those who feel they no longer have anything to give. They will breathe upon the old bones of the body of Christ who will come together with the sounds of new life. For there is a great birthing coming forth on all levels and regions, says the Lord. They will arise as a new arm of my army of sons/daughters coming forth in this time.”

The Spirit Of Humility And The Servant’s Heart
“The Spirit of humility and carrying a servant’s heart will be the strength that will navigate you through carrying the anointing to overcome the rising evil in the land. Those who will humble themselves during this time, wearing the servant’s garments and having the servant’s heart, mind, and resolve will understand my instructions.  The faithful remnant, who have traveled the course to follow me, will be able to walk others through to safety and protection. Those who refuse to humble themselves, to take the servant’s towel and understand the life that is contained in sacrifice, love and laying down their lives for others, will miss an important requirement that will preserve them during times of trouble.  (1 John 3:16, Gal 2:20, John 12:24) This will yield important life giving lessons that will keep them from falling in the coming days and years ahead.”

“Those who refuse to change and remain prideful will be without the things that have made them so comfortable in the past. They will be without their possessions and will  even lose those they manipulated to partake in their practices. The spirit of pride has operated so subtlety through some parts of the church and has been like a disease that entered in and caused the body to be weakened. It has become like a wolf devouring an innocent lamb until there is no life left within it.”

“Many will observe the fate of the prideful and will become changed. They will experience a godly fear that will touch their lives by witnessing their fall. Study the servant’s heart, the servant’s way, and hear the servant’s instruction. It will set a direct and new course in the lives of my people now. This change must happen now for destruction and shaking will occur as a result of no change.”

“Many have looked upon my word not as instruction and guidance to overcome but as a novel and not as the word of truth. Some even see it as truth but not anything they can ever hold up to or live by and as a result they will not have the keys to get where they will need to be. There will be those who will find my word as a road map to safety providing key direction so that they will know what to do and how to be established in this season.  It has been given to them to overcome the works of the enemy.”

“Stepping over into 2013 many will automatically feel that something has occurred, as a major shift in their lives because a change in the atmosphere has taken place. Even upon crossing over you will see signs of things that have become different, because the time has come and the crossroads that are before you are very serious ones. This will be no longer be a time of halting between two opinions.”

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 (KJV) Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

·         Now is the time for us to decide to fulfill the calling upon our lives.
·         Now is the time to do the things necessary for us walk in the disciplines that we must carry to achieve the purpose the Lord is requiring of us.
          Now is the time to become what we have been called to be and to humble ourselves under the very hand of God, to pray and study God’s word and to allow deliverance to remove the works of the flesh that has hindered the growth that we should have in this time, and to teach others what they must do as well.

“The lack of food and water will become troubling issues. There has been neglect and abuse in many areas, but food and water will no longer be in great abundance.  There are nations that are about to face a more serious time of famine. This is not just a shortage but it will result in hunger throughout the land. Some food will not be fit to eat, as other food will be contaminated with salmonella, E. coli as well as other strains and deadly viruses. This will affect great number of people, causing a large amount of deaths as well.  It is important to stock up and store up, for there will come a time where food will almost become as valuable as money. For we are now in the beginning of a three year cycle of famine and several scientist will try to develop a food alternative but the problem and need will become worse before it gets better. Pray diligently about all these things.”

Prophetic intercession:
Things that required immediate attention in the area of strong intercession:

There are several indications that civil unrest will hit this nation because of many variables—like issues concerning gun reform, the anger and frustrations of men, the spirit of prejudice, and the feeling of desperation among those who don’t believe in God or trust in his word.
There will be terrorist plans and operations being planned within and outside of our nation. Women will be used to implement their evil plots. (Had a dream about this—also pray around hospitals). 
There will be rising abuse against women and children, more than our nation has ever seen and trafficking will reach an all-time high. (Many missing women and children will noticeably increase and there will be a public outcry).
The Lord revealed to me in prayer that the President would be in grave danger.
Cult activities will increase and they will obtain and operate out of church buildings but they will be new age organizations carrying mixed doctrines and promoting underlying satanic messages. (I had a dream concerning this and they had produced these books that were in small boxes (the size of a paperback book) but these dark blue hard bond books with gold lettering).
Major earthquakes, some will be out in the water (near the east coast and the west coast) and will cause serious tsunamis, heavy uncontrollable storms will rise up with hurricane winds that will rise up even out of season and cause heavy damage.   
Regions in the US--Major areas of concern are still California, Florida (the southern regions of these two states.) New Madrid (and Midwest region with Chicago is still on the watch list.)—We will also be covering the coastal regions of the New England states. We have placed Washington State, Hawaii, southeast Texas, (also Veracruz) back on the watch list.

Fasting and Prophetic Visitation
Fasting and Prayer will be going on throughout the month of January, starting with January 6th—January 26th 2013. We will be on a 21day Daniel fast.

Following this word, in a few days, I will release the most powerful visitation that I had concerning the seasons for this year that will better prepare us for the days ahead and how the Lord revealed to me concerning his wisdom in the year 2013. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Donna Raphael


The Lord is sending a word of encouragement to those who feel so discouraged that they have given up on the promises of the Lord in establishing their destiny. 
Hear the word of the Lord and believe again!  This is going to be the year of the manifestation of your God given dreams.  Even though you may now feel as if all is lost and in shambles, it is not so!  Just as Joseph had to hold on to his God given dreams through much trial and tribulation over a seemingly very long and hard time for him, so has it been with you.  But take heed my dear brothers and sisters, the Lord has not forgotten you. Though the world may have deemed you useless and tossed you aside, He has remembered you!  Yes, it is His time to bring you forth.  You are not too old or weak or poor or worn or scarred or tattered or torn for what He has always planned for you!  So strengthen and encourage yourself in the Lord for what He has purposed shall surely be, and when you see you shall be as one who dreams!

Psalm 126:

 When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.
2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.
3 The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
4 Turn again our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the south.
5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.