Thursday, July 25, 2013

People Get Ready! by Joni Ames

People Get Ready! by Joni Ames

Dear Friends,

Many warnings coming in the spirit that there is come serious stuff evidently about to go down. I personally and honestly do not know "what," but have felt for some time that it is just plain wise to get into a state of "readiness." I personally do not have a sense of timing, but there are many sources saying that it is important to be ready and in place before September. Many saying that there are things in place to bring in martial law, in which case no one would not be able to travel between states. So very important to be where we are supposed to be. I realize that and am concerned every time I go out on the road. But I have to do what God has called me to do. And to trust Him to take care of me no matter where I am as I carry His messages to those He sends me to. And to be at home in WV if/when I'm supposed to be.

So many of you have also sent me emails about dreams and feelings that you've had about this. So that has been confirmation to me to know it isn't just me.

One thing I've had an increased trepidation about is that the New Madrid is possibly being overloaded with all the rain and may thus blow. Which would rock and be felt throughout our entire nation, because it would be about a 9.5 or higher. Extremely important to be nowhere near it. But with that magnitude, would be felt throughout the entire nation. In which case, would also cause other fault lines to rock, as well as possibly affect a few nuclear power plants, power grids, etc.

Another thing is, I know in my "knower" that the powers that be are going to do their level best to crash the US dollar, and it could be soon.

All of that to say, have felt that I am preparing the extra trailer behind mine "for such a time as this." I need to get the beds and things from Kentucky this weekend. Please pray for me that the rest of the provision to do that come in. Also important to stock up big time with food, water, and whatever other preparations one can make. I personally do not have bunches of $$$ to do any of this. I live on faith from meeting to meeting. But I have a vision for the importance of doing whatever each of us can possibly do.

People get ready, there's a train a comin'!

Listen, NO FEAR! God is greater than anything! But wisdom is necessary. Preparing will allow us to be ready and there be no need for fear. The Word tells us that even the ant is smart enough to be prepared.

Prepare for what? Hurricanes, tornados, financial crisis, quakes, biological stuff, atomic warfare, power grid failures, or "whatever" it is that arises. Even a job loss and the resulting needs.

Listen, it's just about being smart enough to be ready for "whatever" is ahead. With so many warnings even from Red Cross and Homeland Security and all of the agencies, we need to realize that being prepared for the unknown is just the right and smart thing to do.