Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Deborah Anointing


I am bringing forth the Deborah anointing and you will speak a word in season to one that is in need of Divine justice. That word will come as a liberating word and you will speak into their life and that word will be used as a liberating force that will set them free. You will speak the Word of the Lord and the captives will be set free. Prison doors will be opened and those that are bound will be freed. Step out in faith and speak and declare a thing and you will see it come to pass. You will see as you declare My Word that it shall vibrate through the heavens and bring forth fruit. The fruit of My Kingdom is being born in your life. Speak the Word of the Lord and speak justice into situations even in your home. The Word of the Lord is a word of justice tempered with mercy. I am always doing work that is tempered with mercy. I am a God of mercy and you have known my mercy and shall share that mercy with others. There are those that judge without mercy and you shall judge situations with the mercy of God. Many shall fear you but many will come to know that the love I have placed in your heart for them will cover the firmness with which you speak. The word in your mouth will be a firm word but it will always be tempered with My love. I am moving and I am blessing your faithfulness, says the Lord.

24Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24