Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Call To Repentance And Intercession!


The day of the Lord is coming swiftly and every knee will bow before the Lord!!! It is time to bring the lost into My Kingdom. The call is going out, bring them in. Go into your towns and cities and bring in the lost for many are yet to come into the Kingdom of God. This is a time of great darkness and it is a time that is not going to get brighter except for the coming of the Son of Man. I am seeking to save those that are lost and open the prison doors to those that are bound. Go and bring them in! It is time to intercede! It is time for YOU to intercede! Many read about intercession but do not intercede and many of you have been called as intercessors in the house of God. Many of you need to take your place on the wall. YOU are being called to take your place on the wall! Many of you spend more times before your television sets and your computers then you do in intercession! Things will change for you when you change!

You are being called beloved! Hear the call of the Lord! The Spirit of God is saying, that the enemy is at the door. He has invaded your towns and cities and he occupies a large place in your homes. Your governments are full of filth and I have called you to turn your face toward Me for I Am the only one who can change things. Your nations are perverse and your children are being brought up in the ways of the world. Only I can change things and your children will be lost if you do not bend your will and pray for them. Parents it is time to come out of Egypt and your children will follow the Lord. It is time to bend your will and come to Me in openness and honesty and repent of your secret sins and you see that I will save your household. How can you expect your children to do right when you do that which is evil in the eyes of the Lord. I am calling you to repentance America. America I am calling you to repentance on a large scale. Your eyes have been darkened that you do not see. I say to you awaken and I will give you light. Your ears will hear and you will see a Divine turnaround if you seek My face. I am calling the least to the greatest as I did in the days of Jonah. He was called to Nineveh to turn them toward Me. It is time to fast and pray and seek My face and see if I will not do a good and quick work in the land.

December 10, 2009
through Patricia Hamel