Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fresh Oil Is Being Released Now!!!


The past is dead. Do not look back but look forward! Abraham had to leave that which was comfortable and move forward and you too will need to BE DETERMINED to go ahead. Looking back is not an option for the prophet of God or for any of My creation. You are formed in the image of God and must walk as one that has been called by Me for greatness in this hour. Be fresh and vigilant for the enemy walks about like a roaring lion seeking to devour you. You need FRESH DETERMINATION to go forward and I am standing with you. Fresh courage comes from My Word and time spent with Me. Let Me rise up within you and let the flow of My Spirit propel you into all that I have for you. PRAY IN THE SPIRIT and pray with the understanding also. Pray, pray, and pray again and know that as you bombard heavens throne room you will receive answers from Me. Come aside and come into your Destiny! Come aside and do not be distracted by that which is around you. Fine tune all that is happening and even streamline things to be able to go with the flow of My Spirit. Things can be cumbersome and so streamline them. Get rid of that which is not needed and travel lightly. You will not take anything with you when you leave this earth and so be willing to put all behind you to move through the eye of the needle. I am moving you and you must be ready to move at a moment's notice. My Spirit brings spontaneity and it brings life. Go with the flow. Hear the wind of my Spirit blowing. Let it catch you up and take you to where I would have you to go. GET EXCITED AND BE READY FOR CHANGE. The wind of my Spirit refreshes and brings fresh oil and I AM RELEASING IT TO YOU NOW! You have been in need of fresh oil, receive it now and go forward with new oil in your lamp. Let it burn now for all to see. Always GUARD YOUR OIL and do not let anyone take it from you. It is available daily for all those that will take the time to fill their lamps. Come.