Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lord Is Calling YOU!!!


The Lord Is Calling YOU!

I hear the Lord saying, that many of the old guard have gone home. Many were faithful in prayer and intercession and now those places are vacant and need to be filled. The call is going out!!! God is looking for intercessors to stand in the gap and fill these places in His kingdom. Time is short and intercession needs to be going up before the Father.

My hand is moved by the prayers and intercession of My people!!! IT IS TIME to pray and intercede for the Nations! IT IS TIME to be found faithful in your intercession! IT IS TIME to pray for your families! IT IS TIME to pray for those in authority over you that you may live a quiet, peaceful and Godly life. IT IS TIME to intercede and see the hand of God move on your behalf. IT IS TIME to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. IT IS TIME to pray and not be distracted with the cares of this world. IT IS TIME to pray!!! It is not the time to be about your own business but to be busy about mine. IT IS TIME and the call is going out in the land.

Come and take time with Me. I long for you to spend time with Me and desire our fellowship together. Much has kept you from Me and I am a jealous God and jealous over you with Godly jealously. IT IS TIME to pray and seek My face. You have power to bombard the heavens and see answers to your prayers. You have not because you ask not. If you knew the power of one who spends time in the prayer closet you would spend more time there! I am calling all of those that are mine into the prayer closet. This does not seem like an exciting word and will not with many but it is what needs to be said. My people perish because of a lack of knowledge. My people do not hear Me. Many hear about Me but have never gotten to know Me personally.

I am soon returning and many of you think that you will have eternity with Me in heaven when you have not spent but a moment with Me on the earth. This is the time for you to GET TO KNOW ME, from the least to the greatest. Fellowship with Me for I am drawing you by My Spirit. Hunger for Me and thirst for Me and you will be filled. Pray for hunger, pray for thirst and I will fill you, says the Lord.

CALL OUT TO ME and I will answer you! CALL OUT TO ME on behalf of your loved ones and I will save them! CALL OUT TO ME for Divine appointments and I will give them to you. CALL OUT for the lost!!! CALL OUT for the newly saved! CALL OUT for the sick and the dying and for those that need to be delivered. My hand is not shortened that it cannot save.

My eye is going to and fro in the earth and I am looking for intercessors. I am looking into each heart and seeing if I might find a place there to rest and perform My Word. I AM CALLING YOU!!! Beloved I am calling you to dig deeper and do not stop, but be that intercessor. Most do not pray! Most do not intercede! Most are lazy in the Spirit and do not do the will of the Father. I AM CALLING , I AM CALLING I AM CALLING YOU. Beloved stop the things that are not needful and pray. Stop the long hours online that many of you spend there and seek Me. Many of you are so busy in this season. Stop! Stop! Stop and take time with Me. Many of you are so distracted! Many of you spend time in front of a god of this world, the television but you have no time for Me. I am calling you! TAKE TIME WITH ME!!! Take the time while you have the time. The day of great trials and tribulation will come and you will of desired to have had time with Me. You are being called this night. There are those that will go home and they have not spent time with Me. Take time now to search your hearts. Take time and do not fear what I will show you but repent and do your first works. I am a jealous God and I desire you to be like the church of Philadelphia. Their love for Me was good in my sight. Many of your churches are like open graves and there is no love. Many of you do not love your brother. This is a call to intercession. This is call to love one another! When I return will you be found faithful?

I am calling. I am calling. I am calling you to repentance. Come. It is a time of great shaking and it is close to My returning. Will I return and find that you have been found faithful? Will I return and find faith in the earth? You are being called to be that intercessor!!! Will you answer yes to the call? Answer yes to the call because I am calling you and for no other reason, says the Lord.

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30