Friday, December 4, 2009

Major Shifts Bring Major Transformations!


Major shifts bring major transformations! I am always moving in your midst. FEAR NOT change but let it move you forward into your destiny! Many parts of My body of being shifted and moved into place so that their destinies might be fulfilled. Go with the flow of My Spirit and do not let the discomfort of this birth process deter you, but be that much more determined to HOLD STEADY during this change and your destiny will be fulfilled. Birth always brings discomfort and with it new life. What joy that new life brings when it comes into the world!!! New life always brings with it great joy! Press in though the enemy wants to use this to shake you. Do not be shaken but always be unmovable abounding in the work of the Lord. This is a time for revaluation of old ways and systems so that you might be ready for the new. Streamline the old to make way for the new. I will give you new ideas, creative ideas from heavens throne room. You are seated in heavenly places and must always operate from this position and not from anything in the second heaven. You are operating in the power of My Spirit and My Spirit always brings with it life. Pray for discernment and wisdom during this time and you will receive it for My gifts do not stop flowing because of this birthing, but should be operating and maturing daily during this time.

Distractions are many and you will need to GUARD and FORTIFY yourself against them. They come in many forms. See through My eyes and know that there are many voices crying in this hour. Discern which are God sent and those the enemy has sent along to deter you. Even activities can seem good but reevaluate them also. Prayer life and intercession must change to keep up with the new and so be flexible and willing to move in My timing. The Sons of Issachar discerned the times and you walk as one in this hour so be alert, creative and see what I will do in your midst. Resist not the change but move with it now, says the Lord.