Friday, July 31, 2009

Kingdom Finances

Kingdom Finances

The day is here when finances are being rearranged for My
Kingdom purposes. Finances in the Kingdom are for My Kingdom
work that the gospel might be preached to the ends of the
earth. Those that can be trusted with great their hands.
They will be tested with this wealth to see what they will
do with it. When it comes into your hands use it for My
purposes and not for selfish gain. All will be into place
to do My Word before I return. Pray that finances will be
brought in and that those with My heart will distribute
them wisely.

Remember the poor and the widow for My eye is on their
plight and I would have them cared for, says the Lord.

I am searching hearts even now and seeking whom I can trust.
If you have failed in areas of finances, repent. If you
have not been generous to My work. Repent. If you have not
given to Me what is do to Me repent and come back on track.

This race is not yet over and I am equipping My saints for
the work of ministry in all areas of their life. Be on guard
for the deceiver will seek to have you move ahead of time,
or not soon enough but be seeking My will and spend time with
Me. In doing so you will discern the times and seasons you
are walking in.

There are those that will walk with great wealth,and there
will be those that are poor. Do not despise one another but
bear one anothers burdens for it all belongs to Me and I
would have you to know the Father's heart. My heart was for
the poor and the multitudes but My heart also trusted certain
men with great riches. Search your heart for motives in wanting
riches. Know too that they can flee in a night and that no
man can take anything out of this world. You came into this
world without finances and will go out without them.

Use them wisely and build My Kingdom and desire My glory for
their is nothing that I will not give to the man who will walk
uprightly and who can be trusted.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all
things shall be added to you. You will reap what you sow so
sow bountifully in every area of your life. This does not just
pertain to finances but to all things. Let My love flow and
do not shut your heart to one another but let the anointing
arise in you and let it flow so that My Bride will come to
maturity. Time is short so do your first works and walk in
love discerning the Lord's body. Remember My death till I
come for behold I come quickly and the harvest must be
brought in. Much harvest is in the fields and it is white
to harvest so do what you can do in bringing it in. Precious
souls stand in the balance. A cup of cold water in My name
may be needed. A kind word may need to be spoken. Whatever
I have called you to do in a day do it with great joy. Some
may finance the journey and some may be home interceeding.
Each has their part in My Kingdom.

Remember also that today you have been blessed but tomorrow
you have need. Always walk with a heart that esteems others
better than yourself. If you have done it to the least of
these you have done it unto Me.

Above all seek Me and you will find Me when you seek Me with
your whole heart. I am just waiting for My children to take
time to seek Me so seek Me today while I may be found.