Friday, July 31, 2009

Word For Stale Prophets



There is a season to come aside from reading all of the
propheticwords out there and to hear Him. The Lord is
saying that it is time that His prophets hear His voice.
He is saying that if you spend too much time taking in
that which other prophets speak there is a danger in
prophetic contamination. You need to Hear Him. He so
desires to speak to you and the Word you put out must
be a fresh word teeming with new life. He is saying that
he does not want you putting out second hand food but
food from Him which is far better. It is the fresh meat
of the word that will refresh His people. It is the fresh
Word that will touch and stir hearts. Do not be satisfied
with that which is old and stale but come higher and
receive the Word of the Lord for His people. Arise and
hear what the Spirit is saying to His church. Dig deep
into My Word and hear My voice. I am calling you and
saying, come Higher. Dig deeper and hear the Word of the
Lord. My people deserve more from you who are My prophets.
They deserve the pure Word of God.

Fly higher and come into My presence. Be still before Me
and I will speak to you. You will hear Me and fellowship
with Me and I shall speak to you of things to come. I
will speak to you and teach you that you might teach
others to hear My voice. Come higher and dig deeper for
there is much that I will show you. There are eaglets that
must grow and you must have food to feed them. They must
be taught to search the scriptures. Man and woman of God
soar higher and find the food to feed My people. Only then
will you be satisfied and hear well done you good and
faithful servant.

5Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is
renewed like the eagle's.
Psalm 103:5