Friday, July 31, 2009

Do Not Let Go!

by Patricia Hamel

God says, there is a divine shifting. He says, DO NOT WORRY
about what it looks like right now. He is moving His key
players into position. God says He is on the move. What you
see now is far from the end result. This shift needs to
happen for Him to bring about His end time battle plan. In
the natural army men are put in key positions to maximize
their potential for harm to the enemy and bring about victory.

So it is in the Kingdom of God. He is moving those that are
in His army into place. All need to be in a place of prayer
and listening to their God. It is imperative to hear His
instructions. Take time in the quiet place so that you might
fellowship with Him and hear Him. Remember that He is Lord
and that it is He who instructs you and not you Him. God is
saying that He is raising up a mighty army. You are a great
weapon in His hand. Turn it all over to Him and stop worrying
for what you see now is not the end result. The picture you
see now will change many times and in the end will look very
different for you and your family. Hold on the Lord says, for
you are in for the ride of a lifetime! Hold on and do not let
go and God will hold you fast! You are steady and sure only
in Him so remember DO NOT LET GO! You are anchored in Him,
who is the author and finisher of your faith. Let Him finish
the good work He started in you.