Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Day For Prophets!

A New Day For Prophets!

As I called Abraham to go forward not knowing where he was
going, so I am calling you to put your foot forward into a
new place. This place will not always be a place of comfort
but it will be a place of new life. Everywhere you set your
foot shall be given to you as you claim it for Me. Go
forward and do not look back for this is a new day for My
prophet. This is a new day that will yield much fruit and
that fruit will remain long after you have gone to your
reward. Know I am walking with you and teaching you by My
Spirit. New things and fresh revelation will follow you as
you walk out your salvation with fear and trembling. I will
be with you even unto death, says the Lord so fear not to
go forward and conquor the land I the Lord your God give you.