Friday, December 12, 2008

Word of the Lord Concerning Israel

Word of the Lord Concerning Israel

There is an army of warriors that I am preparing to do battle and they will stand with Israel in their greatest time of need. You are being called into formation to stand with My chosen people in their time of great distress. Will you arise and stand with them for I am calling you into formation? You are being called to stand with My people in intercession for their very existence is at stake. The price is high My children and My Word must come to pass. You need to take My Word and declare and decree it according to My Word. Declare the Word of the Lord concerning the peace of Jerusalem. Declare the Words of the prophets that they will come to pass. Declare what has been spoken and declare it in faith. I would have you to take the Word of God and read it and hear the call that is going forth throughout the land. I am calling small and great everywhere to stand in the gap for Israel. She is small but she is mine. Israel is mine and My chosen people will come to know Me. There is a remenant of My people that are being called who do not yet know Me.
They shall know Me from the least to the greatest as you who are intercessors arise and do your duty declaring My Word.
Times of sorrow and great difficulty are at the door and I would have you to stand guard for the enemies of Israel seek to destroy My people. The enemies are even now preparing to take My people and annihlate them. Will you allow this to happen or will you arise and do your first works? Will you allow My people to be broken or will you stand with them in intercession?

Children you spend so much time doing that which does not profit.
Will you arise and do your first works? You are called to intercession to move My hand. Will you move the hand of Almighty God on behalf of My people or will you continue to do nothing? Yes, you are being provoked to good works. You are being provoked to prayer and intercession. Many of you are slothful and lazy and do not deserve the blessings of the Lord but many of you are also walking in ignorance. You are now beng told to seek Me on behalf of My people.
You are now hearing the Word of the Lord.

Will you open your ears and hear or will you continue to be dull of hearing? Pray for Israel. Pray for My chosen people. Hear the Word of the Lord for I am calling those that bear My name to pray and intercede. You say that you love Me. Then love those that I have chosen. Decide now whose side you are on and if you are on My side then choose to line up with My Word and seek My face. No longer will I have those that bear My name sit on the fense idly and do nothing while My people are in danger of being annihilated from the face of the earth.

Arise and pray. Arise this night those of you that bear My name and pray.

December 12, 2008
by Patricia Hamel