Saturday, December 13, 2008

Repent of Your Sin

Repent of Your Sin,
by Patricia Hamel

Oh that My people would hear Me. Oh that they would know when I am speaking. Oh that they would know My voice and obey Me. It is time now to bring in the harvest for the day is soon coming when no man can work. I say this is in the natural and in the spiritual. Times of great difficulty lie ahead. Oh that man would come to me now before it is too late. Oh that My church would wake up and shine as the light of the world.

Come to Me now and put aside the sins that so easily beset you. Come to Me and run the race for I am calling you to repentance and saying "do your first works". It is time, It is time, It is time. I have repeated this many times and still My children do no hear that it is time to come in and come out of the world. The world is tumbling and My Kingdom will last forever. I bid you to come and enter into the joy of your Lord.

Do not delay. Do not put it off for the hour is late. The hour is later than when you first believe. Get ready for you will see what I am about to do in the earth. I am moving by My Spirit and all that is not of Me will be burned up. Come in now before it is too late.

War is comiing. Famine is coming. I am returning soon. Get prepared beloved of mine. Prepare your hearts and clean your garments for the day of the Lord is coming. The day of the Lord is coming soon. It is now time to repent of sin. Repent of your sin. Repent of your selfishness. Repent and come back you backsliders before it is too late.
I will receive you in My love with open arms if only you will come to Me. Come to Me O backslidden one and I will take you and once again you will know Me. I will take you and clean you off and wash you white as snow. It is time now that My grace is reaching out and My Spirit is drawing you. Do not put it off for you do not know what tomorrow holds. You do not know if tomorrow you will die so do not put off your salvation but come with fear and trembling before your God. Get down on your knees and repent of the filth that is in your life and the Lord your God will take you and clean you and was you whiter than the snow. Your sin will be thrown into My sea of forgetfulness and I will remember your sin no more. Come now for I am calling the backslider, and the lukewarm to repentance.

I am calling the leaders of nations to come to Me. I am calling those in government to come to Me. I am calling you from the least to the greatest and saying get ready for the King of Kings to return. Prepare your hearts and rend your garments and get ready for the return of the Lord. I am soon coming and My judgment seat will be the place that you will stand if you do not repent. Would you not rather hear well done you good and faithful servant. Otherwise you will hear depart from Me I never knew you.

O my precious backslidden one return to Me before it is too late. Put away your adultery. Put away your fornication. Put away the sin of covetness. Put away all sin. Put it away and the place it must go is under My precious blood. Bring all your sin to the foot of the cross. Bring you sin and be washed clean today. If you repent of your sin I am faithful and just to forgive you your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousnes. Come now and come before it is too late. I Jesus and calling you to come to Me today.

Patricia Hamel
December 13, 2008