Sunday, December 28, 2008

Word for the Church for 2009

Word for the Church for 2009
by Patricia Hamel
December 28, 2008

2009 will be a year where the world and the church will know the goodness and the severity of God. It will be a year of separating the wheat from the chaff and light and darkness will become more pronounced. The grey areas will become clear.

I am calling my church to a high standard in 2009 and there will be no more sitting on the fence. The Lord is saying choices will have to be made either for or against Him. Either serve the Lord wholeheartedly or you will know the severity of God. Where the Lord has been patient and longsuffering no longer will he permit His children to go along in flagrant sin and wrong life styles. God is saying this year you will need to make a choice to follow Jesus.

In the area of finances the Lord is saying that the finances are His. They do not belong to you. They belong to the Lord your God. He is looking for hearts that are going to give to Him and give for Kingdom purposes. No longer will he allow those that are called by His name to withhold and He is breaking that withholding spirit off those who truly have a heart for Him.

In the area of education. - God is saying that He is wanting His children to become educated in the Word of God. There has been a lack in My people and My children have erred because they do not know My Word. The Lord is saying you who are called by My name it is time to get back into the Word of God and spend time there. He says you spend time doing things that do not profit and now it is time to spend time with Me.

In the area of family. - The Lord is saying, Look well to the ways of your household. You have been busy about much and not about caring for your family. Do not neglect your family but act as the head of your home Fathers and turn your heart to your children. Mothers be supportive and children honor your parents which is the first commandment with a promise.

Teachers – Those of you that teach My Word teach it with wisdom and diligence and do not twist My word to meet your needs for you will be more harshly judged as teachers of My Word. Apply the Word of God in truth and accuracy and teach the whole counsel of God.

Prophets - It is time to speak the truth of My Word and spend time in My presence before you do so. It is time to take a fresh word to My people and not a stale word for past seasons or from others but it is time to prophesy what I give you and deliver it without fear of man. I am raising up voices that will speak the truth in love. Prophets I will hold you to accountability for every word that you speak so let your words be few unless they are of Me, says the Lord.

Apostles – You have a job to do and it is soon coming that the doors will be opened and you will find new favor. The ground is being prepared and there will be much work to be done. I am bringing those together for My purposes and it is the time where I am bringing things into Kingdom alignment. There is yet much to be done to bring in the harvest so be busy about your Fathers business in intercession and seek My face before you make alignments. I am bringing those together for My purposes not yours so seek Me carefully before you join together. Wait on Me and then act when you hear from Me.

Intercessors - You are being called to the front lines and need to spend much time in your prayer closet. There is much to be done and the souls of many depend on what you do in your spare time. Your spare time needs to be spend with your Father and I would have you to seek Me wholeheartedly for Israel and for the nations of the earth. I am now separating the sheep from the goats and this is the time for you to be calling on the name of the Lord for the souls of men. I have seen your faithfulness and am looking for continued faithfulness in this year for there shall be many suddenlies that will prick the hearts of men. Pray, pray and pray again and call on Me and travail until you give birth to the things you have been called to usher into being. I have called you so do not give up. Continue to press in and receive knowledge from My hand. I will tell you the secrets of the Kingdom.

Pastors - Continue to call on Me and believe Me for your congregations. Call on Me and be attentive to the flock you have been given. Many of you have the Father’s heart but many of you do not. Many of you have hearts that have been turned by the dollar and I say to you turn your hearts back to your first love. Turn and turn quickly, says the Lord. Repent and do your first Works.

You who have listened to that spirit Jezebel in your churches it is time to come together and pull that stronghold down. Pull it down in Jesus name.

I am calling My body into unity and calling you to walk together in harmony. I am calling you to come out of Babylon and serve Me. I am calling you to walk together with the love of the Father and calling you to love and care for one another. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Stop being selfish. Stop withholding finances from those that have deep need. Pray over your giving church and give where I would have you to give. There will be a shift this year in giving and I would have you to care for those that are poor. Look at them and do not despise them but give to them as they have need. One day soon you may be in need and so freely you have received and freely give.

This is the day that the Lord is calling His body together and saying no more of little clicks in My body. He is saying that it is time and past time for you to love one another. Division is a spirit and not of Me says the Lord. Love one another for this is how men shall know you are My disciples.

Discipline is a word that needs to be in your vocabulary and it is time that my children become more disciplined in the use of their time.

Repentance is needed – deep repentance of sin in the church. Pray for a spirit of repentance to fall on the church. As it was in the days of Ananias and Saphira so I would have the fear of God to be in My Church. It is time that men fear Me and know that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Fear Me for it is the beginning of Wisdom.