Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prophet Of God You Are Taking Territory!


The Lord says He sees your loneliness, and knows all that is taking place in the everyday life of the prophet. He sees it all and comprehends all that you are going through. The life of the prophet is not an easy life and so do not expect that you will sail through each day without trials and tribulations. Just know that I am with you as you press into Me each day and take territory for the Kingdom of God. You take territory for Me from the moment you lift your head off your pillow and call out to Me until the last moment you lay down your head. I do not condemn but the enemy is walking around like a roaring lion seeking to condemn those that walk in the office of the prophet as well as all others in the body of Christ.

He is having his last temper tantrum and would try and defeat as many as possible with his antics but know that he was defeated and will not defeat you. That said you only stand against him prophet of God, in the power of your Lord. You only stand against him in the power of My Spirit. Why do you think he so hates speaking in other tongues? He knows this is the power of God and he cannot stand it so pray in the Spirit and pray with the understanding also. Pray, Pray, Pray and seek My face. Do not be discouraged but stand and having done all stand. Defeat him by walking a repent walk daily and having the garment of praise covering you. Worship Me in Spirit and in truth and put on the banner of love. My love conquers all. My love will defeat him. My love will enable you to stand in the difficult place. Be filled with My Spirit daily and walk in love and the power of God will flow through you, says the Lord.

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. Solomon 2:4