Saturday, June 20, 2009

Word For Pastors

You Can Pastor The Church of Brotherly Love!
through Patricia Hamel
June 1, 2009

You Can Pastor The Church of Brotherly Love!

The book of Revelations speaks of the church of Philadelphia
and it being the church of brotherly love. (Rev. 3:7). There
were some qualities in this church that the others lacked.
The Lord had set before them an open door. Your church needs
to be a church with an open door to those that are hurting.
People need to be able to come to your church and get saved,
set free, fed the milk of the word and instructed in the
things of God till they grow up and are able to minister to
others. The church of Philadelphia has a little strength
left for they have given out to many but they know where
their strength lies. It lies in the name of the Lord who
will strengthen them to do the task the Lord has set before
them. This church (your church) has kept the Word of God
and not denied His name. The Lord promises that if you
keep the word of His patience that He will keep you in the
hour of temptation that is coming on the earth. How good
is our God. This church that the Lord is speaking to is
told to hold fast that no man takes their crown. You also
need to walk an overcoming life.

Todays Pastor must balance so many things. It is said
that few Pastors take time to pray. Your strength comes
from your times with the Lord. You need to take quiet
time with your Father for He will pour into you fresh
revelation needed to shepherd your sheep. Sheep do bite
and all of those that will come in are not coming in
dressed in Sunday best. God brings them in and then
He cleans them up. Older believers need to be reminded
of this. A church needs to be praying for the love of
the Father. Does your church have the love of the Father
or is it too big or too busy? Let all that you do
centre around His love. Be that example as one in that
fivefold ministry office.

God is calling His Pastors back to the basics. Your
ministry started out of a relationship with me, says
the Lord. Continue in My love and seek My face for
out of our relationship will flow My love from you
to others. 1 Cor. 13. I am calling you to check your
foundation for no other foundation will hold in this
hour other than that which is Jesus Christ. All
other ground will be sinking sand. Pastors you have
labored hard and long in My vineyard. Many of you
are weary and many of you have even thought of
quitting but the Lord says, do not quit, get up for
I have saved the best for last. He is saying, to
press in and learn to delegate authority to those
you can trust. Pray for discernment and let this be
a team work. There are no lone rangers in this hour.
Your wives need to know that they are loved and a
Pastor that has a strong home and family will
minister freely.
Time with your family will be rewarded. Likewise
women that Pastor be attentive to your family and
guard your femininity.

Be transparent. Be able to share that life is not
perfect and do not get to church feeling that you
need to put on your Sunday smile when you have just
had a disagreement at home. Let your people know
that there are difficult days for all that are
serving the Lord and let your congregation know
that you need their love and support. Know each
sheep by name and ask the Lord how you can be a
positive reinforcement in their lives. A kind
word to that irritable little old lady may be
all she needs to feel good about herself. A
word of wisdom spoken at the right time is like
apples of gold in a picture of silver.

Jesus was the only perfect shepherd. You are
not under any condenmation but are walking not
after the flesh but the Spirit. Let love, joy
and peace be the centre of all that you do.
When one of those three is missing it is time
beloved Pastor to come to My feet and spend
time with Me for you are in need of refreshing.
Times of refreshing in My presence are what
you need more than anything for it is out of
this that you minister to those that I have
entrusted to you. Guard your sheep against
intruders and know who it is that ministers
among you.

Have intercessors that will pray for you
and let them have someone (elders)in your
church to share with,m if the Lord shows them
something. Team work will get the job done.
Know that I the Lord am standing with you
as you put your trust in Me and preach
Christ and Him cruicified. Give room for
the gifts of the spirit to flow in your
gatherings for without them your will not
have the life of My Spirit. (1 Cor. 12 ).
Allow Me to breath My life into your
meetings. Let the wind of My Spirit blow
in your midst and you will get the job
done, says the Lord.