Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prophets Of God!

Prophets Of God!

Prophets of God. You are unique and as individual as
your name. I have called you by My name and you will
never be like another. Do not try to be as other
prophets but be the one I have called you to be. You
have your own distinct characteristics and walk with
Me. When you are confident in who you are you will be
glad to walk as the one I have called you to be. Your
words are My words and they have My fingerprint through
you on each word. Each prophet is individually mine.
I take each one of you and have broken you and molded
you for My purposes. Hear the call of the Lord on your
life and do not look at another. If you try to be like
another you shall surely fail and I will not look on
you with great joy. Each one of you My prophets are My
sons and daughters who are individual and exceedingly
precious. Hear the voice of My Spirit and come up
higher and hear Me, says the Lord.