Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Word Of The Lord For The United States Of America

Word Of The Lord

For The United States Of America

Today's prophets are speaking out as they did in the days of Amos. We are not in the days of King Uzziah but the days of President Obama, President of the United States of America. We need to hear the Word of the Lord from the genuine mouthpieces that are declaring the truth. Now is the time for the leadership in the United States of America to turn to God with their whole heart. God is speaking and saying, if you who lead the nation of America will call a solemn fast and begin to pray for your nation to repent on a national scale America will be spared.

If on the other hand you continue to rend Israel and come against God's chosen people as you divide Israel so shall your own Nation be divided. You cannot have it both ways. You will either bow down and serve Me and love the apple of My eye or you will be utterly thrown down and in the end destroyed. I am indeed speaking through My servants the prophets and declaring a Word in season.

Those of you that are weary, come to Me in repentance and I will hold you, and I will forgive your sins. They are many and have come up before Me. I am calling you to repentance and calling you to be an example to the Nations of the earth. You have many that are praying and calling on Me for change. Faith filled lips have been praying and interceding but there needs to be prayer on a national scale to spare your nation. Darkness is on the face of the land. Sin is rampant in the church and in the world. The government is seeking to deceive many and these truths will be revealed as My people pray and seek My face. I will speak and those that will hear Me, will hear Me and see change in their lives.

Families need Me, your whole nation will be spared as you call on My name in a large scale. As Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, so I will destroy nations of the earth that will destroy My people Israel. Take heed, and do not destroy her by trying to divide her but read the Word of the Lord. Read My Word and know that it is truth and honor the boundaries set in it. Then as you serve Me you will prosper, says the Lord. but if you bow to other Gods you will be destroyed. Forsake other Gods, break up your follow ground and I will honor you, says the Lord.

May 18, 2011

Patricia Hamel