Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sound The Alarm by Ron McGatlin


By Ron McGatlinBlow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble; For the day of the LORD is coming, For it is at hand: a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness. ~ Joel 2In cities and towns across the USA, many lives have been spared because of warning sirens sounding the alarm as destructive and potentially deadly tornados approached. Thousands of lives have been spared by warnings of much larger approaching hurricanes in the coastal states of the USA. Only those who hear and respond to the alarms and warnings benefit from them.

The trumpets of God have been blowing warnings in the USA since the mid 80s, to my knowledge, and I feel certain for much longer that I was not aware of. The sound is now changing from the prophetic trumpeting of warnings to the more acute urgency of the loud oscillating siren of the immediate approach of this day of the Lord.

Like a tornado siren in the middle of the night the sound is piercing the sleeping people across the landscape of modern Babylonian culture.

The lost world screams, "STOP that hateful sound - leave us alone we are finally progressing into life completely free from the hateful rules of God. There are many gods and we should embrace them all or none at all, according to our own desires."

The sleeping religious Christians say, "All is well, God sees no evil in us and we are blessed and filled and comforted in peace. Sing me another happy song and tell me of the goodness of God. My 'little' disobedience is not a problem, because Jesus paid it all. Judgment is only an Old Testament thing, and God is not bothered by my promiscuous and avaricious ways." And to the ones sent from God who are calling them to pure and holy lives, they shout, "STOP trying to put us in bondage again we are free." They continue in their mixture and heed not the alarm. They turn over to go back to sleep and snuggle in under their covering.

The false-religion fanatics shout, "Kill the infidels". They grow stronger on the blood of the saints, devouring the innocent along with the religious mixtures. A mighty army of a magnitude never before seen on earth is coming forth devouring the Babylonian landscape of the world in darkness.

This is NOT just a future prediction it is happening NOW while many sleep.

Though it may feel like it, this is not the end of the world. On the contrary, it is the beginning of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

In this day-of-the-Lord season that is upon us, the spirits of many redeemed saints will be leaving this world through sudden death to be joined with the Lord in heaven. God in His love and mercy is sparing some people the trauma of enduring the severe time of world cleansing judgments. The work of many will have been finished on earth. As the seasons on earth change to a new order and new reality their service that was based in the past order will be completed. Others are arising to carry out the next part of establishing the kingdom government of Christ Jesus.

Glorious Judgment

There is no fear of judgment in those in whom Christ fully dwells. On the contrary it is a glorious time of being vindicated through righteous judgment and seeing evil cleansed from the world. The cleansing judgments are clearing the land of all the loftiness and pride of man and all that man's pride has built and done. The roaring holy fire of God will devour from the face of the earth everything that lifts itself against God. The people who repent and turn to God will be cleansed from evil. Those who will not turn to God will desire the rocks to fall on them and hide them from Holy God.

This judgment is NOT about destroying the planet; it is about destroying evil and all it has done and built upon the face of Planet Earth. It will be a whole new re-creation of the kingdom of heaven on this planet. In the same way that a lost sinner being born again is a new creation, the world will be a new creation on the same planet. God is NOT burning the earth - He is burning the evil, the false and all ungodly wickedness from the earth with holy fire revealing the GLORY of God filling the earth. (For more biblical understanding on this see Chapter 7 of "The Seventh Millennium" Free Download)

Since these things are being dissolved what manner of person should we be?

It is time for the harvest of the world. The grain is ripening in the heads and the fields are white for harvest. The tares are beginning to be removed and the sons of the kingdom are being prepared to come forth as the light of the world.

When the tornado alarm is heard the priorities of our lives instantly change. Many things of importance are forgotten as adjustments are made to respond to the screaming siren alarm. If we are asleep we throw off the covers, quickly get dressed, discern the situation and begin to take action.

It is time now to get out from under coverings that keep us comfortable in spiritual sleep. We must awaken to God and get out from under that which induces sleep. Christ is our head. No religious covering is our head in the kingdom order.

After throwing off the covers, then we get dressed in our robes of the righteous of Christ in us. We put on the reality of Christ's life. It is time to be certain that we are IN CHRIST, cleansed by His blood and seated in heavenly places in Him. We also must know that CHRIST is IN US living His life where we once lived producing life in this world that corresponds to our position. Christ in us produces His pure and holy life within us and through us into this world. The grace of God is the Holy Spirit empowerment of Christ in us living His pure holy life now.

Next we must discern the will and direction of God for us in this season. Our pure hearts will open our spiritual ears and eyes to hear and see what God is saying and doing. Take time in the season of alarm to be in intimate closeness with God and thereby know His will and direction for you.

Now we are ready to take action. Do heartily to the fullness what you see and hear God doing and saying. It may seem to be a thousand times more than we have ever done or thought we could do. Don't be concerned. All limitations are thrown off with the covers that caused them. Christ in us can do all things. All things are possible to those who believe. Intimately becoming one with Christ enables us to hear and see clearly what God is saying and doing which, causes our faith to mature beyond believing into knowing without doubt that what He has said He will do.

The best is yet to come. The righteousness of God shall precede the fullness of His glory covering the earth. Humble sons of God are growing into place across the world from the jungles to the deserts to the metropolises young men and women are being formed into the seeds of the new kingdom order to come. They are often hidden from view in remote places or underground in cities. They are of many ethnicities but of one spiritual family. Many have come through serious rejection and severe persecutions and all have known the healing power of God lifting them above the trials of life in this world.

At the same time God is raising up sons as fathers into positions of material wealth and godly authority to provide vast resources to preserve the sons of the kingdom through the turbulence of a world in transition. The great darkness coming forth on earth will not destroy the kingdom leaders of tomorrow. Instead it will help prepare them to plant the pure and holy glorious kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Each of us who are a part of the Christ-in-you kingdom generation has urgent jobs to be done today in this season. It is our time to fulfill the purpose of God for our lives in this world now. With all seriousness and depth of secure covenant in God we are about His business of bringing forth the eternal plan of God for His glorious kingdom on earth fully manifesting His magnificence and glory for all creation to view.

Keep on pursuing love. It never fails

and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin