Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can You Feel The Heat?

It may seem that the fire is turned up seven
times hotter. I am working in your life.
Great and mighty things will be done through
the one that totally trusts in Me. I am with
you in the fire. The furnace of affliction
you are going through is burning up all that
is not of Me. Come close to the fire and do
not fear the heat. All that is not of Me is
being removed. The dross is coming to the top.
Rejoice and praise Me for what I am doing in

Praise Me for you are fearfully and wonderfully
made. Praise Me in the night hours.
Praise Me each and every moment and the heat
will seem less in My presence. You will pass
through this fire and not be burned. I am with
you in your circumstances and will not leave
you. Call on Me and I will answer and
remember that I will never forsake or leave you.
Nothing is being burned up that will not
be replaced with more of Me.
Allow My fire to change you into My image.