Thursday, October 23, 2008

You Shall Speak the Word of the Lord

I will take you and you will stand in the congregation
of the Most High and speak My Words. They will
be sharp words but words that are filled with My love.
I will speak through you and you will speak the Word
of the Lord and the Sword of the Lord will go through
and touch the hearts of men. They shall know that I
am that Lord and that I have indeed spoken through
you. The Word will be a sharp word of exhortation
and it will be a word that will be used to clean up the
lives of my children. I am taking you and building you
and indeed you shall speak the Word of the Lord
without fear of man. You shall speak to My children
and they shall know that God has spoken through you.
Fear not to speak the whole counsel of God and do
not back down for the Word in your mouth will be a sharp
and yet a loving word that will move My people to action.
Indeed now is the time for you to go forth with My
Word in your mouth and where you have had fear at speaking
forth the Word there shall be a new liberty and you shall
speak a thing and it shall come to pass. Allow Me to take
you and mould you and use you as one that shall speak My
Words even directional words for the congregation.
I will place confidence in your heart and you will respond
to My prompting. Fear not but speak the Word of the Lord.