Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Payback Time

It's Payback Time

3rd August, 2012

Lana Vawser

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have
eaten...” - Joel 2:25

My precious Church, I have called you as My own and love
you with an everlasting love. I continue to call you to
come into the secret place with Me and seek My heart,
worship Me, seek to fellowship with Me. Dine with Me and
know Me. For out of deep intimacy much is birthed. I am
birthing so much fresh beautiful fruit through the lives
of those who are living deep in the secret place.

There is a release and acceleration that is happening now
within My Church, and those who have been living deep in
the secret place are arising with greater revelation of
who I am, of My Word and My heart that is transforming
those around them and nations. It is My heart and My
desire for all within My Church to delve deep into My
heart. To plunge deep into the rivers of worship, and
delight ever so deeply in the revelation of My love. I
continue to woo you My Church, to call you to come and
let Me show you things that you have not imagined.

In this time of great acceleration and release there has
been great opposition. There have been many who have
walked through intense months and seasons of hardship
leading up to this release. I have strengthened you, I
have built you up and even though the heat of the fire
seemed to be rising, you have not been burnt, you have
come out as pure gold.

In this season I am now not only restoring back to the
lives of My children what the enemy has caused havoc in
and stolen, but I am giving back MORE THAN ENOUGH!

This is not a season for simply receiving restoration,
but receiving above and beyond for the trouble that My
children have walked.

This is the season where I am again releasing to My
children, blessings that were stolen, dreams that were
aborted, torment that was caused by the enemy.

This is the season of “more than enough”. This is the
season where “awe” will be restored back into the lives
of My children at greater depths as they see what I am
“paying back”. For what the enemy meant for harm, I have
turned for good. What the enemy stole, I am giving back
better than before.

I am “wowing” My Church and My people with great acts of
kindness, love and restoration, but it is restoration
above their dreams and expectations.

All of the enemy's attempts to hinder breakthrough's, to
stop destinies, to abort dreams, to steal, kill and
destroy, I have turned back on him.

For what the enemy sought for harm and to hinder
momentum, I am now using to PROPEL My people into their
destinies, into their dreams, into the fulfillment of
promises that have been locked away for many years.

I, the Lord your God, who sits in heaven, I laugh at the
plans of the enemy for I am even using his attempts to
hinder to extended My Kingdom and show My Glory.

There is nothing that is impossible for Me, and they VERY
AREA the enemy has been speaking into the lives of My
people to say it is IMPOSSIBLE, I am about to show that
it is POSSIBLE with Me, and that very area of greatest
attack on My children, I am now releasing the GREATEST

My children, you will sing and dance and skip with the
words flowing from your hearts “how Great is our God that
brings good out of all things and has restored us with

I am not the God of the “just enough”, I am the God of

August and September of this year will see this “more
than enough” gain a momentum that will “wow” and restore
greater awe of My love and kindness to the lives of My