Monday, May 28, 2012

The Tree Grove �A Revelatory Picture of Emerging Leaders

The Tree Grove �A Revelatory Picture of Emerging Leaders
By Kriston Couchey
Recently I have received requests to minister knowing that some are from those with entrenched religious mindsets and leadership structures resistant to the servant leadership that is emerging across the earth.  Many of these emerging nameless and faceless people are truly hearing God, but do not have large established ministries or reputations. The following prophetic experience gave some clarity as to the Spirit�s direction. It was also sobering as the changing of the guard under way even now signals the end of one age and the beginning of another.

THE GROVE OF TREES I was out walking the other day and the Spirit stopped me at the edge of a grove of tall pine trees.  I looked and saw a small pine tree (5-6 ft tall) tucked under the grove of pines struggling to get light and a room among the tall trees. The Spirit said "That is you!" I wondered about this and knew in my spirit that the large trees of the grove represented established religion and its leadership. I observed other scattered small trees suffering the lack of light and nourishment growing under the shadow of these large trees. The large trees branches spread out to touch the others branches and blocked most of the light from reaching the grove floor. 

He said, "Right now when one looks at this grove from the outside all they see are tall trees, these are going to be removed, and what will be seen when one looks are only the small trees that have struggled under the shadow of these trees." I identified the large pines as long needle white pines. The smaller trees were short needle. They were completely different DNA. I looked and did not see ONE sapling or small tree that was a long needle white pine. Apparently the species of tree kept its own offspring from growing when its seeds were planted in its shadow.

As I walked on further I saw a path into the grove and stepped into it and began walking under the large trees. He said "What do you see?" I looked and saw an opening in the middle of the trees where a couple of the large trees had been cut down. He said, "That is where I have placed you, in the midst of the grove I have placed you under an open heaven, and you have been able to grow even in the midst of that which has overshadowed and closed you in." I had not noticed the open space from outside the grove, but in the grove it was clear to see the light shining in the enclosed place.
He then said again, �What do you see?" I looked and saw that the outside of the grove was green where the branches were visible, but here inside the grove there was not a tall tree branch alive from the grove floor up to the very highest branches that were exposed to the light. Strangely, the only tree growth green and growing under the canopy of that grove was the smaller trees struggling for light and nourishment." I looked and saw a dead branch had even fallen on one of the small trees. He said, �These tall trees are being removed; I want you to look for and take care of the small trees."

This revelation is very clear in its application. That which is planted by religion and religious activity that has obscured the light is not being allowed to continue to overshadow and limit the Life of the Spirit in His people. Chosen vessels that Father has planted for this hour will soon come to light as dead religion and its system of man�s leadership is removed. These newly emerging people and ministries have experienced the persecution of religion and have overcome the spirit of Antichrist and offense that flows from it. These are those who prepare the way of the Lord and �make room� for others to come up beside them and not �under� them. It is these who will bring healing and change, and restoration of the purposes of God for His people. 

In His Light
Kriston Couchey