Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inaccurate Prophetic Releases

 Inaccurate Prophetic Releases
by Apostle Adrienne Williams
People of God, there are too many people who are opening themselves up and allowing their Spirit to be soiled and contaminated with someone else's religious waste. In simplicity, cease allowing people to deposit their garbage into your spirit! Cease allowing people to "practice" their prophesying on you!

There are many CHOSEN vessels that God HAS, indeed, ALREADY positioned to deal with those who either "prey" on unknowing believers or continue to attempt to deposit "surface" prophesies or even worse, RECYCLED prophecies that they may have heard from someone else, into the spirit of an unsuspecting believer. In other words, the time has come when those CHOSEN vessels will JUDGE THAT WORD being released at the very moment that they hear.

This means that if it is a false word or a "fleshly" word, it SHALL be revealed at the moment of release. When people come to you under the auspices of "feeling your Spirit" or "picking you up in the Spirit", you need to immediately stop them right then and there (in love) and inquire concerning EXACTLY what it is that are "picking up" or "feel!" A true messenger WILL be able to advise you further and give you a certain measure of details! That's IF, the word they are attempting to deliver is truly coming from the Lord!

Our Father is in need of CLEAN and PURE vessels to deliver ACCURATE and PRECISE words of correction and edification to His people to assist in their spiritual maturation. Not merely vessels who have succumb to familiarity and are satisfied functioning in "a form" of godliness with NO POWER!

Grace and peace,
Apostle Adrienne Williams