Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Prophetic Call

by Kathleen De La Hunt

"You are called to go ahead, You are called to hear my whisper, You are called to see my face , You are called to hear my heart beat, You are called to feel my heart breaking for my people. Feel my broken heart for my broken people! Until you can feel my heart for my people - you cannot be trusted to touch my people with your words for your words will destroy them!

Your heart needs to break for my people. You need to die so that I can live through you. Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? Do you feel what I feel? Do you feel my urgency? Do you feel the urgency of the season? Do you know that I am coming soon?

Prepare yourself in my presence In my secret place. There I will break your heart for that which has broken my heart and then I will be able to trust you - once your heart is broken. Will you go ahead and prepare my Church... My Church that I am coming back for, My Church that knows my name, My Church that reflects my glory, My Church that wears my perfume, My Church that delights in my presence

Will you pay the price and follow me - Do you know the cost? It will cost you everything! Will you hear my call? Will you prepare yourself? Will you enter in to my secret place and see my face?

I want to show you my face, for those that have seen my face and have felt the breath of my whisper, can be trusted in the season to come with the treasure of my power. I am coming soon and I am looking for a people who will not shrink back, but who will stand when all else falls around them Who will not compromise my truth and who understand my love - the love of a FATHER for His children. For they will be the ones to bring the DESPERATELY broken BACK to me. They belong to me, they are my children and they need my truth to find me. Will you be my truth to this dying world? Will you be my eyes? Will you tell them? Will you show them? Will you love them? Even when they hate you and destroy you for my sake - will you love them - for me?"

Kathleen De La Hunt