Friday, October 5, 2012

Gathering Unto Him

Gathering Unto Him
By Kriston Couchey


During the 2009 economic crisis I had a dream in which Father showed me a picture of a tight/sharp loop in a road like a racetrack that banked around and went back in the opposite direction. He told me �I will place no sharper correction upon My people at that time as it is more than they can bear.� Twice the picture of the track appeared and He spoke the same words twice. The sharp loop represented sharp course correction that the church was unable to navigate. I understood that the crisis happened as correction for His own people. Seeing and hearing it twice meant that it was settled in the courts of heaven. I asked Father what was needed in order to bring about the correction needed. He needs "Overcomers", to bring healing and restoration to His people, but they are few.

In March 2011 I woke up from a dream crying out to Father to �Delay it for 21 months, your people are not prepared for it!� At that time I came to understand that financial and world crisis in Europe and the Middle East were threatening to throw the world in a deep depression and cause great turmoil upon the earth. 


The loving discipline of Father is surely coming to His own house where His people have become dependent upon this worlds systems and manner of operating for their provision and security.The judgment of God is that these will no longer be a place in men�s systems which the children of God can trust. We have not been prepared because we have not truly sought and established the government/kingdom of God in our midst, which is a kingdom that is not like the ruling systems of men, but is preeminent over them. 

These fading systems are subject to the government of God, not the other way around, and it is in the government of God being established that true provision and security are realized.
I want to share with you what I believe is a very serious directive of the Spirit for this hour. I had a dream this week in which all the systems and institutions of men had become hostile to the children of God and the children of God had to flee those systems. When I awoke I prayed about it and the Spirit of God told me �Gather my people and prepare them for what is coming.� I took that as a personal directive for my own sphere of influence, but also was convinced through discussing this with others that it is a directive being proclaimed to all the remnant of God for this specific hour.Father is calling us to gather unto Him in our places of influence as men and women to receive individual and corporate mandates and authority to rule and reign in our spheres of influence with the power of heaven.


The cry of the Spirit is to gather to receive in Father that which is needed for this hour to overcome. He is not calling us to gather around a man, a teaching, or an organization. Many have come to know His presence in them, but the government of God is established as His people are finding IN HIM the authority to establish His righteousness and justice in their places of influence. He is calling us to come together to receive the directives, mandates, decrees, and judgments of heaven. Whether we are a group of thousands or just one lone person in a city, Father is calling us unto Himself to be our ark of safety, supply, and security.The great trouble we are about to face is a symptom of a church that has abdicated its kingdom governmental authority to meet the needs of men over to the world�s systems. The governments of men are but a shadow compared to the light of His kingdom.


Father is calling His own to Himself that He may establish what His desire has been all along; the government of Heaven on earth.The call to gather is for His own to stop their activities and order of business to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.It is in the courts of God that He is judging our flesh and releasing Heaven�s mandates to men. Here His decrees are spoken forth with authority through His people to changes the course of history. In this place He sends sons forth with kingdom authority confirmed with power. This gathering is intended to release through His sons the power of the age to come; the Power to restore and renew creation itself.His desire is that the atmosphere of heaven�s court establish justice in His own house and then to all creation.He is calling His own to embrace fully the sovereign empowerment and assignments prepared for them in this hour.


The people of God have been positioned and placed; the connecting has begun and the power is being turned on. I truly believe He is asking us to gather without any agenda or expectation except to meet with Him that He might set the agenda of His house for the unfolding age. As His government is established among His own, the fear of the Lord is returning. As He takes His rightful place as Lord of His house we will understand the justice and mercy of God in a new light, the light of His Glory.

In Him
Kriston Couchey